Mobile VoIP Dialer Usage is Increasing and With Good Reasons

Executives need not work only from offices in order to interact with clients. These days there is more latitude in the way they can function. Mobile devices make it possible for them to work even when they are on the go. However, using standard mobile telephone connection could entail higher expenses that can be avoided by the use of Mobile VoIP dialer installed in their phone. It helps them to stay connected with their office and also with clients but at a much lower cost. Mobile VoIP dialers make use of the internet connection to make/receive calls and also incorporate messaging functionality.


One advantage of a mobile dialer installed in the smartphone of an employee is that it gives freedom of operation. The executive is no longer tied to the company’s IP PBX system. He can operate from anywhere at any time and interact with customers to deliver a better experience. Companies can engage employees to work remotely and achieve the same objective that they would if they had in-house staff.

Mobile telephone is expensive and cost mounts if an individual has to call a large number of people or send messages. Routing all such calls through a VoIP mobile dialer installed in the mobile device achieves the same function but at a fraction of the cost. Users can make local, national or international calls without restrictions. All that is required is an internet connection. Even a nearby wi-fi hotspot zone is sufficient for a user to carry out any operation through the dialer. Free wi-fi hotspots are now widely available in restaurants, cafes, airports and railway stations.

Voice mail
Cellular phone services may charge extra for value added features like voice mail. VoIP has no such restrictions especially when one uses a full-featured dialer obtained from a vendor like, designed with corporate and business users in mind for Android, iOS and Windows mobile operating systems.

Other features similar to IP-PBX
It is desirable to have features that has in a networked IP PBX system such as voice recording, call forwarding, call rejection and multimedia SMS, all of which can be activated from a single interface with just a few taps. In fact some features go beyond such as the facility to initiate group chats and video chats.

Businesses commonly issue cell phones to employees who are traveling and equipping such devices with mobile dialers from enhances productivity. It is not surprising that companies are quick to take advantage of these cost-effective solutions.

Mobile VoIP Dialer Usage is Increasing and With Good Reasons