How IVR Helps Logistics Industry Maintain Better CRM and Reduce Costs

Competition in logistics is intense and customer satisfaction is a key factor to ensure loyalty and continuing business. In this context a company needs to maintain a contact centre for customer services. However, costs must also be kept in perspective. Manpower is expensive and this is where interactive voice response solutions or IVR solution for logistics industry is well worth the investment. Logistics and supply chain dynamics keep evolving and these days there is a need for fast and satisfactory response as well as transparency in order placement and delivery with timely updates at all points in between. IVR solutions are the cost effective answer

The right IVR software sourced from a competent vendor and customized according to the business model can go beyond simple supply. It can, for instance, include and intelligent auto attendant that helps various departments connect with each other by simply speaking the name of the person. Retail, especially online, is intimately connected with efficient logistics and here too a custom IVR solution helps vendors located in various locations to report inventory and sales. Once orders are shipped the IVR software can place calls to customers to keep them informed and track the package.

One of the greatest benefits of having an inbound IVR solution is that it reduces the number of people needed to handle calls from customers. The first point of contact is the IVR that offers callers various options and then intelligently routes the call to a customer service representative who is informed and competent enough to resolve the specific issue. This helps in delivering greater customer satisfaction and in making efficient use of manpower in logistics customer service support sections. Logistics also need outbound custom IVR solution that delivers useful information to specific customers or send reminders or initiate promotional campaigns. One can make use of predictive and auto-dialer options that IVR software developers can incorporate in the solution in addition to list management and integrate it all with CRM. The result is extreme satisfaction for customers who need precise answers to precise questions.

Success of the IVR solution for logistics depends on how well customized it is to the operational model of a specific segment. The software must be easy to use with a simple menu and call transfer with least wait times in addition to other backend features like voice recording and integration. It also needs to be HIPAA and PCI compliant from security perspectives. Selecting as the vendor guarantees a seamless experience, reduced costs and enhanced customer relationships.

How IVR Helps Logistics Industry Maintain Better CRM and Reduce Costs

Understand Payment Processing IVR Solution and Its Benefits

Payment processing is part of each business as the company takes charges for offering any professional service. The traditional ways of processing invoices and bills is either done by cash bill payment at the physical location of the company or the office boy collect money from the customer. Both of these methods are time consuming and inconvenient. Moreover, businesses now have started dealing with the international customers where this becomes absolutely impossible to collect cash from the customer. With the technological inventions, people have started taking benefit of remote payment processing models available. One of the most convenient models for the same is the Payment Processing IVR solution.

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The Payment Processing IVR solution benefits an organization by providing an Interactive Voice Response system to automate the payment processing. This works the same way any Interactive Voice Response System works. The only difference is this is specifically designed and developed for processing payment.

Below are the benefits of the payment processing IVR solution.

No installation required on the customer side

To use payment processing IVR solution for paying outstanding bills, your customer won’t need to install any plugin or mobile application.

No need of internet connection

In any other remote payment processing tool, the customers will need to have internet connection while with the payment processing IVR solution, the customer doesn’t need to have data balance or internet connection.

No specific device required

To use mobile application for bill payment, the customer must have a Smartphone. However, the bill can be paid from any type of phone including cellular phone and landline.

Secure payment

The payment processing IVR solution is one of the most secure ways of payment processing as there is no human intervention such as an agent. Also, the system never saves sensitive data such as credit card details of the customer.

Contributes in the cashless transaction movement

The payment processing IVRS supports different payment gateways to provide remote payment facility. This will contribute to the cashless transaction movement which is encouraged by the government of many countries around the globe.

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Understand Payment Processing IVR Solution and Its Benefits

Tourism Industry Imparted Abundant Benefits with An IVR Solution

The travel and tourism industry is growing for many reasons such as increasing number of solo travelers, family holiday plan makers and even business trip planners. Each type of traveler is looking for a travel agency or an agent who can plan his trip so he can focus on the core goal which can be a business meeting or some fun time. This has given a boost to the tourism industry. The increased number of customers of the travel agency belongs to the different categories. Each may have their own questions, concerns and queries. The travel agency has to ensure that each customer is attended professionally. Here an IVR solution can be very helpful. The tourism industry may gain a plethora of benefits using the IVR solution. This article will share top 3 benefits travel agencies impart using the IVR solution.

Answer customer calls 24*7 with consistency

The IVR solution can serve customers 24*7 with same voice tone and professionalism. The IVR system doesn’t get tired or angry. It will maintain the consistency of reply even for the 100th call in a day. This makes it an amazing tool to cater the customer of the tourism industry.

Give self serving option for frequently asked questions

The customer of the travel industry may ask many frequently asked questions. For example, what are the top tourist destinations to visit in the summer? Or what is the best package for a family or a couple? Do you provide cab service in the city? And many more similar to these. The IVR solution will keep your human resources free to do other productive tasks while at the same time will answer all questions of the customer. This will work in a win win situation for the travel industry as the customer will get answers and the staff can be available for important operations.

Allow customers to book package remotely

The IVR system can also offer payment processing. This means the customer can go through the different options available in the IVR menu; select the package and book the package by paying the bill. This will provide the flexibility to the customer to book package remotely.

There are many more benefits travel industry can impart using an IVR system such as:

  • Improved productivity

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Increased revenues

  • And more

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Tourism Industry Imparted Abundant Benefits with An IVR Solution

Benefits of VoIP Solutions

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has started becoming part of business due to its advanced features and cost benefits. The VoIP solution development has been in the risen stage in the past few years as more and more businesses are opting for these solutions. If you are one of the business owners who is curious to know more about the VoIP solutions and its benefits, this Blog will give you a quick glance of it.

IPPBX Solution

IP PBX aka Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is a communication and collaboration solution for businesses. Below is the quick list of advantages of it:

  • Reduces the communication cost tremendously

  • Provides advanced communication features such as caller ID, video conference, Auto attendant, etc.

  • Eliminates the cost of hardware infrastructure which is required with the traditional communication systems

  • Easy to use, and manage

  • Reduced cost of maintenance

  • And more

Contact Center Solution

This is a VoIP based solution for contact centers, call centers and customer support centers. Below is the quick list of advantages of it:

  • Reduce hardware and wiring by introducing a software based solution

  • Advanced features of calling and call tracking for better performance of both, agent and supervisors

  • Effective call and campaign management

  • Increased agent and supervisor productivity

  • Increased revenues

  • And more

Conferencing Solution

This solution provides a perfect collaboration solution for the team members who can conduct a conference as and when required. Below is the quick list of advantages of it:

  • Easy to conduct conferences with team members and clients

  • Real time tool for discussing the projects and other business topics

  • Elimination of conferencing service provider fees

  • Increased teamwork

  • Increased productivity

  • And more

Fax Server solution

An advanced and VoIP based solution which allows you to send and receive fax without a fax machine. Below is the quick list of advantages of it:

  • Send and receive fax from your desks

  • Save time in faxing process as now it is a software based solution

  • Save paper, cartridge and other stationery cost

  • Increase brand impression

  • Improve productivity

  • And more

IVR Solution

IVR aka Interactive Voice Response System is an auto attendant solution which will attend and interact with each client call. Below are the advantages of it:

  • Automated call answering

  • Save time

  • Better resource utilization

  • Be available 24*7 for your customers

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • And more

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Benefits of VoIP Solutions

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system has always been beneficial to diversified industry verticals. There are different types of IVR solutions available in the market. The order tracking IVR solution is one of the available IVRS in the market. This IVR is very much important and beneficial to the companies which deal with the door to door delivery services. However, people or business owners are still unaware about this amazing Interactive Voice Response system. This article will provide the details of the order tracking IVR system.

What is order tracking IVRS?

Like any other IVR solution, this is an interactive voice response system which attends the client calls automatically and responds them based on the fed logic and voice prompts. The only difference is that this type of IVRS is created to serve a specific purpose. The order tracking IVRS is created to allow customers to track their orders which are shipped, but not delivered yet.

This solution is specifically designed and developed to cater the need of “order tracking”.

Who can use order tracking IVR system?

There are many industry verticals which can take benefit of this specific Interactive Voice Response system. To give you a hint of it, some of them are listed hereunder:

  • eCommerce

  • mCommerce

  • Courier service provider

  • Food delivery service providers

  • Cargo shipment companies

  • Gift shops

  • Boutique

  • Laundry

  • Cake shop

  • And many more

How order tracking IVRS works?

  • There will be a predefined number in the company or organization which is integrated with the order tracking IVR system.

  • Whenever someone calls on that number, the order tracking IVR system will auto attend the call

  • The call will be answered with a warm greeting message, which will be followed by different Voice prompts

  • The caller can select the suitable option based on his queries

  • At the end of the flow, the customer will be able to know the status or location of the order. The IVRS can also allow the customer to speak with the customer support executive.

The above mentioned flow is a normal flow. This IVR menu flow can be changed based on the requirement of the company.

Key Features of Order tracking IVR solution:

The order tracking interactive voice response solution will have all features any normal IVRS would have. To give you a brief about it, below is the list of features an order tracking IVR will have:

  • Web based admin panel

  • Support for more than one language

  • Editable welcome prompt

  • Multilevel IVR menu

  • Editable IVR menu prompts

  • Text to speech conversion

  • Integration with database

  • Call recording

  • And many more

The order tracking Interactive Voice Response system will make the order tracking easy, quick and automated which will benefit both, organization and customers. This type of solution has benefited many industry verticals to increase customer satisfaction and revenues.

An important entity of any company is its customer base. You must have different tools in place to handle these customers. These tools must be placed in a way that your customers feel attended in real time and can get the information or solution they are looking for instantly. An IVR solution is one of the best solutions you can make part of your business to engage your customers with your business even when your employees are not available to attend them.

An IVR solution is an Interactive Voice Response system which gets integrated with your current communication mechanism. Instead of landing your customers in a voicemail or to the receptionist, the IVR solution will attend call on its own. This will enable your company to attend each call made at any time. It means you can be available for your customers 24*7. This will make your customers feel valued by getting attended immediately.

There are a few IVR solutions available in the market, which has an integrated CRM solution as well. This type of the IVR solution helps in treating customers in a personalized manner. For example, this type of IVR system will play the name of the customer while playing greeting message. It can play custom IVR prompts based on the history of the customer. This can perform at its best in customer retention and lead nurturing.

The IVR solution also comes with advanced functionality which will allow your customers to perform various jobs on their own. They can book a ticket, recharge their balance, schedule an appointment and can do much more on their own using an IVR system.

Based on your business model, you can get a custom IVR solution development to enhance your model of handling customers. This will engage your customers and help them to quickly perform different actions without holding in call queue, or waiting for the executives to handle their queries.

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