How IVR Helps Logistics Industry Maintain Better CRM and Reduce Costs

Competition in logistics is intense and customer satisfaction is a key factor to ensure loyalty and continuing business. In this context a company needs to maintain a contact centre for customer services. However, costs must also be kept in perspective. Manpower is expensive and this is where interactive voice response solutions or IVR solution for logistics industry is well worth the investment. Logistics and supply chain dynamics keep evolving and these days there is a need for fast and satisfactory response as well as transparency in order placement and delivery with timely updates at all points in between. IVR solutions are the cost effective answer

The right IVR software sourced from a competent vendor and customized according to the business model can go beyond simple supply. It can, for instance, include and intelligent auto attendant that helps various departments connect with each other by simply speaking the name of the person. Retail, especially online, is intimately connected with efficient logistics and here too a custom IVR solution helps vendors located in various locations to report inventory and sales. Once orders are shipped the IVR software can place calls to customers to keep them informed and track the package.

One of the greatest benefits of having an inbound IVR solution is that it reduces the number of people needed to handle calls from customers. The first point of contact is the IVR that offers callers various options and then intelligently routes the call to a customer service representative who is informed and competent enough to resolve the specific issue. This helps in delivering greater customer satisfaction and in making efficient use of manpower in logistics customer service support sections. Logistics also need outbound custom IVR solution that delivers useful information to specific customers or send reminders or initiate promotional campaigns. One can make use of predictive and auto-dialer options that IVR software developers can incorporate in the solution in addition to list management and integrate it all with CRM. The result is extreme satisfaction for customers who need precise answers to precise questions.

Success of the IVR solution for logistics depends on how well customized it is to the operational model of a specific segment. The software must be easy to use with a simple menu and call transfer with least wait times in addition to other backend features like voice recording and integration. It also needs to be HIPAA and PCI compliant from security perspectives. Selecting as the vendor guarantees a seamless experience, reduced costs and enhanced customer relationships.

How IVR Helps Logistics Industry Maintain Better CRM and Reduce Costs

Tourism Industry Imparted Abundant Benefits with An IVR Solution

The travel and tourism industry is growing for many reasons such as increasing number of solo travelers, family holiday plan makers and even business trip planners. Each type of traveler is looking for a travel agency or an agent who can plan his trip so he can focus on the core goal which can be a business meeting or some fun time. This has given a boost to the tourism industry. The increased number of customers of the travel agency belongs to the different categories. Each may have their own questions, concerns and queries. The travel agency has to ensure that each customer is attended professionally. Here an IVR solution can be very helpful. The tourism industry may gain a plethora of benefits using the IVR solution. This article will share top 3 benefits travel agencies impart using the IVR solution.

Answer customer calls 24*7 with consistency

The IVR solution can serve customers 24*7 with same voice tone and professionalism. The IVR system doesn’t get tired or angry. It will maintain the consistency of reply even for the 100th call in a day. This makes it an amazing tool to cater the customer of the tourism industry.

Give self serving option for frequently asked questions

The customer of the travel industry may ask many frequently asked questions. For example, what are the top tourist destinations to visit in the summer? Or what is the best package for a family or a couple? Do you provide cab service in the city? And many more similar to these. The IVR solution will keep your human resources free to do other productive tasks while at the same time will answer all questions of the customer. This will work in a win win situation for the travel industry as the customer will get answers and the staff can be available for important operations.

Allow customers to book package remotely

The IVR system can also offer payment processing. This means the customer can go through the different options available in the IVR menu; select the package and book the package by paying the bill. This will provide the flexibility to the customer to book package remotely.

There are many more benefits travel industry can impart using an IVR system such as:

  • Improved productivity

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Increased revenues

  • And more

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Tourism Industry Imparted Abundant Benefits with An IVR Solution