Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitches Indispensable for VoIP Wholesale and Retail Business Service Providers

VoIP wholesale and retail businesses must consider a number of parameters in order to deliver satisfactory services at the best cost and yet make a profit. There are considerations such as server colocation for hosted services, bandwidth optimization based on implementation of the right codec, termination and, lastly, softswitches.

Those who are engaged in retail VoIP businesses need VoIP softswitches and many may think that a class 5 softswitch is adequate. It is not. This class of softswitch connects phones and devices and routes calls to the IP/ DID/SIP address and it can be used for local and long distance calls. VoIP service providers may be satisfied with it since it has IP PBX features, auto attendant, call forwarding, call transfer and video conferencing support among others that end users usually want. End users can access VoIP using their mobile devices or use standard telephones through PINless or calling card service. If this class 5 softswitch does fulfill most of the functions why bother with class 4 softswitch at all is the question. For VoIP services, if they wish to remain at a retail and local level, it is fine but if they wish to grow and expand it is necessary to consider the other option as well.


Class 4 softswitch relays VoIP traffic over multiple IP networks across international borders. If a VoIP service provider wishes to serve corporate clients then he will have to offer cheapest rate international calling facility. Class 4 features seamless conversion and transcoding with support for a range of protocols while allowing a larger number of concurrent calls and intelligent call routing over the least congested or least cost route. What corporate users will like is that it has in-built security features as well as information about traffic volume and unauthorized calls. What VoIP service providers will appreciate is that class 4 softswitch has automated call monitoring, statistics, billing and data record facility. It is precise and accurate and saves a lot of time and labor, especially when they have hundreds of clients. An international business with branches in several countries will find it just as useful to have this type of Voip softswitch in their IT environment.


Not all class 4 softswitch solutions are equal. For instance, offers superior solutions and implementations that result in increased productivity, reduced cost, enhanced communication and scalability with modular features and multi-level safety mechanisms. Rich set of features underlies a friendly user interface. Customization is another reason why VoIP services are increasingly turning to Ecosmob to tailor make a softswitch solution that takes care of all their present needs with inbuilt facility for expansion, reduces cost and enhances their reputation with their clients. Even international business enterprises find Ecosmob softswitch solutions the right fit for their business models.

Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitches Indispensable for VoIP Wholesale and Retail Business Service Providers

Get Class 5 Softswitch Development To Empower Your Business As Telecom Service Provider

VoIP is gaining popularity for its abundant benefits. More and more people are subscribing for this amazing communication solution. If you are a Telecom Service Provider who is using traditional telecommunication solution to offer communication services, then this is the time to switch to the Class 5 softswitch solution. This is the best solution which comes up with a plethora of benefits which will take your business to the next level.

Advanced Telecommunication Features

The class 5 softswitch solution offers all basic telecommunication features. Moreover, it comes up with a wide range of advanced features that will help you to increase customer satisfaction as well as increase business by offering your services to both, residential and commercial customers. Below is the list of features offered by class 5 softswitch solution:

  • Carrier-grade platform

  • Auto provisioning tool

  • CDR reports

  • Blacklist/whitelist

  • Call on hold

  • Number portability

  • Feature-rich voice mail

  • Voice-mail

  • Call Authorization

  • Emergency number dialing

  • Callback

  • Customizable Music on Hold

  • Caller ID

  • Conferencing

  • Call forwarding and waiting

  • Package billing


Reduced expenses

The class 5 softswitch requires a minimum to no hardware to support the telecommunication business. This will save a huge amount of capital investment. Also, it will reduce the maintenance cost. Moreover, the system is a software based solution that requires less manpower in operations which further reduces expenses.

Increased revenues

As the expenses go down it is obvious the revenue graph goes up. Moreover, the class 5 softswitch solution can use SIP routes to offer calling services. VoIP calling is cheaper than the traditional calling. This will increase your revenues and business, too, by attracting more customers. All these factors will work in favor of increasing revenues.

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Get Class 5 Softswitch Development To Empower Your Business As Telecom Service Provider

VoIP Softswitch: A Must Need Component To Start A Business As A VoIP Service Provider

VoIP converts analog signal into the digital one and sent over the internet to the recipient. As it deals with the digital signal and web transmission it utilizes one physical network, in contrast to traditional landline which utilizes multiple networks for call transmission. This makes the VoIP calling cheaper compared to the traditional calling. Also, the clarity of voice and video is better in the VoIP calling compared to traditional calling which has increased the popularity of VoIP calling. If you are a businessman who wants to take benefit of this tidal wave and get into the alluring business as a VoIP service provider, then the first thing you will need is the VoIP Softswitch.

The VoIP softswitch is a software which gets installed on the server of VoIP service provider. Earlier the VoIP service providers were using the hardware to provide the VoIP services, but now, they are using the software based VoIP softswitch, which makes the operation and management very much easier with its user friendly GUI. There are two types of VoIP softswitch available:

Based on the market and the audience you want to target, you can select the type of softswitch you will need. To educate you about both softswitches, below is the brief of each category of softswitch.

Class 4 Softswitch

It upholds high volume of call traffic, signaling and data. It takes care of routing the VoIP calls and packets over long distance. The key features of class 4 softswitch are call routing, transcoding, transformation, protocol support, billing, etc.

Class 5 Softswitch

It is responsible for offering one to one calling and other related services. The class 5 softswitch solution deals directly with the end users and VoIP traffic. The key features of class 5 softswitch solution are IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, MoH (Music on Hold), etc.

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VoIP Softswitch: A Must Need Component To Start A Business As A VoIP Service Provider