Hosted PBX Solutions Are Inherently Advantageous and Improve Company Processes Manifold

Technology is changing the way businesses operate. From in-house IT solutions, companies are now moving to a variety of cloud hosted solutions for obvious reasons. From standard PSTN lines companies moved to VoIP as a cost effective and technologically advanced solution. The next step in the natural progression of IT world is to go in for hosted PBX for the inherent advantages in this service method.


The obvious benefits of hosted pbx solutions:

Moving to the cloud has its own advantages. Hosted pbx solution providers like offer a completed package that offers obvious benefits such as:

Freeing up space and resources within the premises;

Reducing dependence on manpower and consequent savings on salaries

Savings on capital investments and constant need to upgrade equipment to match growing demand, and, Access to latest technologies and updates.

Beyond the obvious benefits—improving company processes

However, looking beyond these obvious advantages of hosted pbx solutions there are several other distinct benefits.

Hosted PBX is faster and employs the latest updates that enable fast connections and routing calls to the right person in an organization, with facility for customization such as call hold or transfer or wait. Executives can do much more and do it with least hassles.

Organizations need not maintain hardware or pay personnel for maintenance. Hosted solution providers handle everything in the background and leave organizations free to focus on their core business and use their resources to better advantage.

Cost of equipment and their capability are stumbling blocks. Simply shifting to cloud PBX does away with both as users enjoy the pay as you go model and pay only for usage without having to invest in any capital equipments. The money can be better invested in other areas.

There are side benefits such as CRM integration and maintain up to date records and also take care of NDNC numbers.

One of the greatest benefits is seamless updates to mobile technologies. Mobile devices and software are constantly being updated and when one switches to hosted pbx solution providers like, all such updates are taken care of and full functionalities are preserved. Even new ones may be added.

Of equal importance is the fact that hosted PBX is always on and accessible allowing organizations to access customers or the other way around and deliver a better customer experience. Critical businesses cannot afford downtime. Cloud hosted PBX have inbuilt redundancies and seamless switching should one server go down. The work never suffers and users can carry on usual communications without interruptions.

Providers may offer advanced features in the package that normal services may charge extra for, such as IM, video chat, voice email and others with full monitoring and logging facility.

It is time to make the move to hosted pbx from if you have not already done so.

Hosted PBX Solutions Are Inherently Advantageous and Improve Company Processes Manifold

Session Border Controller Serves A Variety of Purposes for VoIP Service Providers

For those engaged in VoIP services it is imperative that they be prepared to offer just about any service configuration that a client may demand and deliver such services in a secure way. As the number of clients grows so does complexity and the vulnerability of networks. Assuring smooth services to clients with peace of mind and flawless performance means that the VoIP service provider must put in place the right set of software and hardware configurations. One of the prerequisites for seamless operation is incorporation of session border control or SBC into the VoIP solution network offered to clients.

Incorporating SBC solution into the VoIP network does more than offer a secure voice firewall. SBC is an easy way to connect SIP trunk providers to other VoIP systems in on premises or network environments.



Security is a prime concern in any networked environment. For VoIP service providers one of the concerns is toll fraud or attempts by unauthorized users to manipulate media. SBS solutions incorporate back to back user agent to handle media and SIP signaling that gives better control in comparison to application layer firewalls that are usually designed around SIP. However, there is more to SBS than mere security.


Networks differ in the way they are set up and configured and interoperability can be a hassle. SBC steps in and handles TCP to UDP conversion, connectivity to H.323 systems and codec conversions seamlessly. It can use NAT traversal, SIP message, IPV4 to IPV6 interworking, VPN connectivity and protocol translations.


A VoIP service provider may have to handle migration issues in new client setups. SBC allows easier handling of all such issues with its AD look up feature and route calls accordingly besides providing call forwarding and simultaneous ring features.

SBC enhances performance

The digital signaling processor feature of an SBC assists with media bypass and shifts load thereby reducing burden on the server. SBC also allows better control like traffic monitoring, call admission and resource allocation. Users can prioritize calls and even intercept calls when SBC is incorporated into the service.

SBC stands like a sentinel and not only serves as a voice firewall but it also allows data gathering for statistical purposes. Directly and indirectly, it helps in generating revenues while assuring peace of mind for users at all levels and for the VoIP operator as well.

SBC comes in many flavors such as a physical or a virtual appliance, a software package or a solution that works in tandem with gateways. VoIP service providers would find it in their interest to incorporate a suitable SBC solution such as that offered by into their network. It makes a difference to their business and to the quality of service that clients appreciate.

Session Border Controller Serves A Variety of Purposes for VoIP Service Providers

Multi Tenant IP-PBX Provider Enjoy a Host of Benefits and Boost Revenues

Anyone who is in the IT business knows the intense competition, pairing of prices and profits and the struggle to survive. In this scenario there is one segment that is buzzing and that is VoIP, a market segment that was expected to exceed $ 74 billion by 2015 and substantially increase in value by 2020. Cloud based VoIP is growing fast and anyone in the IT business who becomes an IP-PBX provider offering VoIP services stands to gain in several different ways.

Multi tenant IPPBX

PBX users are switching to cloud based services

More and more users of conventional telephony based PBX are switching to cloud based services due to inherent advantages and features such as conferencing, mobile capable services, text to speech recognition, voice recording and others that give businesses an added edge. Providers offering multi-tenant pbx have a growing market of businesses they can convert from traditional telephony to cloud based VoIP offerings by showing them the features and advantages. This market is not going to reduce and will prove to be a profitable source of revenue to providers of IP-PBX services.

There is no limit to the number of clients

Business users who see the outstanding advantages of IP-PBX will make the switch to hosted services. A service provider needs to invest only once and then he can have any number of clients in the multi-tenant pbx environment. All it needs is a connection to a VoIP gateway and suitable software that works in a networked environment from a suitable VoIP IP PBX solutions provider. Revenues increase manifold as more clients are added to a service provider’s list.


There is plenty of scope for value addition in a multi-tenant PBX environment. A service provider may offer a limited set of facilities and charge for each extra services on a pay as you go model. This one way to add to revenue while making sure customers spend less on telecommunication costs. Since IP PBX are usually tied to networked hardware within an organization, a service provider can offer additional IT hardware and software related services apart from earning revenues through regular annual maintenance contracts. Training to employees in leveraging the advantages of VoIP is another revenue generating avenue. Deploying IP PBX or VoIP is easier than conventional PBX and a service provider spends less on personnel. Since the multi-tenant PBX environment does not need specialized hardware or setup, the service provider saves on these costs as does the client.

For those organizations engaged in any type of IT solutions and services, becoming an IP PBX service provider is a hugely tempting attraction due to growth and revenue prospects. Just getting in touch with the right VoIP solutions provider like is the key to unprecedented success.

Multi Tenant IP-PBX Provider Enjoy a Host of Benefits and Boost Revenues

Understand Payment Processing IVR Solution and Its Benefits

Payment processing is part of each business as the company takes charges for offering any professional service. The traditional ways of processing invoices and bills is either done by cash bill payment at the physical location of the company or the office boy collect money from the customer. Both of these methods are time consuming and inconvenient. Moreover, businesses now have started dealing with the international customers where this becomes absolutely impossible to collect cash from the customer. With the technological inventions, people have started taking benefit of remote payment processing models available. One of the most convenient models for the same is the Payment Processing IVR solution.

                AS Blog IM

The Payment Processing IVR solution benefits an organization by providing an Interactive Voice Response system to automate the payment processing. This works the same way any Interactive Voice Response System works. The only difference is this is specifically designed and developed for processing payment.

Below are the benefits of the payment processing IVR solution.

No installation required on the customer side

To use payment processing IVR solution for paying outstanding bills, your customer won’t need to install any plugin or mobile application.

No need of internet connection

In any other remote payment processing tool, the customers will need to have internet connection while with the payment processing IVR solution, the customer doesn’t need to have data balance or internet connection.

No specific device required

To use mobile application for bill payment, the customer must have a Smartphone. However, the bill can be paid from any type of phone including cellular phone and landline.

Secure payment

The payment processing IVR solution is one of the most secure ways of payment processing as there is no human intervention such as an agent. Also, the system never saves sensitive data such as credit card details of the customer.

Contributes in the cashless transaction movement

The payment processing IVRS supports different payment gateways to provide remote payment facility. This will contribute to the cashless transaction movement which is encouraged by the government of many countries around the globe.

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Understand Payment Processing IVR Solution and Its Benefits

Why SBC Is Must for Telecom Service Provider?

With technological inventions, the Telecom service providers have started adopting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) related tools and solutions to offer local and international telecommunication services. However, just like any other network VoIP network is also not 100% safe, the Telecom service provider must get some mechanism in place to secure their Telecom network. This blog will guide you with the details of why SBC is must have solution for telecom service provider as a security mechanism. Before we get into details, understand SBC aka Session Border Controller is the solution which sits on top of network to make sure you are secured from any attacks. This will prevent the DOS (Denial of Service, DDos (Destructive Denial of Service) and other malicious hack and attacks. FreeSWITCH SBC solution is the perfect tool to give you complete security. Now, let’s dive deep with a few specific cases where it says having an SBC is mandatory.


It secures the network at session level

The SBC solution sits on the border of the VoIP network to ensure the highest level security. It checks each and every session coming in and going out of the network to ensure it is highly secure.

Prevents toll fraud with advanced actions

This is very important in the Telecom industry to safeguard the network from possible toll frauds. This can make a business run out of money if hackers make false calls or perform toll frauds. The SBC solution not only ensure to avoid such concerns, but also take necessary action of blocking the IP and sending alert when it find suspicious activities.

Provide Interoperability Functionality

There is a custom SBC solution available which not only safeguards the VoIP network, but also provides the features such as protocol conversion, codec transcoding, etc. All these work in favor of the telecom service provider as he might be dealing with different networks and with this type of custom SBC solution, now, he can work with any network without any need of different solutions.

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Why SBC Is Must for Telecom Service Provider?

Get Class 5 Softswitch Development To Empower Your Business As Telecom Service Provider

VoIP is gaining popularity for its abundant benefits. More and more people are subscribing for this amazing communication solution. If you are a Telecom Service Provider who is using traditional telecommunication solution to offer communication services, then this is the time to switch to the Class 5 softswitch solution. This is the best solution which comes up with a plethora of benefits which will take your business to the next level.

Advanced Telecommunication Features

The class 5 softswitch solution offers all basic telecommunication features. Moreover, it comes up with a wide range of advanced features that will help you to increase customer satisfaction as well as increase business by offering your services to both, residential and commercial customers. Below is the list of features offered by class 5 softswitch solution:

  • Carrier-grade platform

  • Auto provisioning tool

  • CDR reports

  • Blacklist/whitelist

  • Call on hold

  • Number portability

  • Feature-rich voice mail

  • Voice-mail

  • Call Authorization

  • Emergency number dialing

  • Callback

  • Customizable Music on Hold

  • Caller ID

  • Conferencing

  • Call forwarding and waiting

  • Package billing


Reduced expenses

The class 5 softswitch requires a minimum to no hardware to support the telecommunication business. This will save a huge amount of capital investment. Also, it will reduce the maintenance cost. Moreover, the system is a software based solution that requires less manpower in operations which further reduces expenses.

Increased revenues

As the expenses go down it is obvious the revenue graph goes up. Moreover, the class 5 softswitch solution can use SIP routes to offer calling services. VoIP calling is cheaper than the traditional calling. This will increase your revenues and business, too, by attracting more customers. All these factors will work in favor of increasing revenues.

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a team of adroit developers who offer class 5 softswitch solution development for Telecom service providers. To know more about its offered service, visit

Get Class 5 Softswitch Development To Empower Your Business As Telecom Service Provider

Tourism Industry Imparted Abundant Benefits with An IVR Solution

The travel and tourism industry is growing for many reasons such as increasing number of solo travelers, family holiday plan makers and even business trip planners. Each type of traveler is looking for a travel agency or an agent who can plan his trip so he can focus on the core goal which can be a business meeting or some fun time. This has given a boost to the tourism industry. The increased number of customers of the travel agency belongs to the different categories. Each may have their own questions, concerns and queries. The travel agency has to ensure that each customer is attended professionally. Here an IVR solution can be very helpful. The tourism industry may gain a plethora of benefits using the IVR solution. This article will share top 3 benefits travel agencies impart using the IVR solution.

Answer customer calls 24*7 with consistency

The IVR solution can serve customers 24*7 with same voice tone and professionalism. The IVR system doesn’t get tired or angry. It will maintain the consistency of reply even for the 100th call in a day. This makes it an amazing tool to cater the customer of the tourism industry.

Give self serving option for frequently asked questions

The customer of the travel industry may ask many frequently asked questions. For example, what are the top tourist destinations to visit in the summer? Or what is the best package for a family or a couple? Do you provide cab service in the city? And many more similar to these. The IVR solution will keep your human resources free to do other productive tasks while at the same time will answer all questions of the customer. This will work in a win win situation for the travel industry as the customer will get answers and the staff can be available for important operations.

Allow customers to book package remotely

The IVR system can also offer payment processing. This means the customer can go through the different options available in the IVR menu; select the package and book the package by paying the bill. This will provide the flexibility to the customer to book package remotely.

There are many more benefits travel industry can impart using an IVR system such as:

  • Improved productivity

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Increased revenues

  • And more

Ecosmob Technologies offers IVR solution development for the travel industry. To know more, visit

Tourism Industry Imparted Abundant Benefits with An IVR Solution