White Label Dialer Application For VoIP Calling Service Providers

Carriers are now switching over to 4G LTE that fuels the use of mobile phones for VoIP calls. The SIP based VoIP mobile dialer may even replace traditional dialers included with smart phones. The more features such mobile dialers have, the better it is from branding and customer retention perspectives. Carriers benefit by white label dialer applications developed by experts in this area. It is not just carriers, even VoIP resellers and service providers can benefit by the unique branding option available in white label dialer application development services.

Voip Mobile Dialer
Voip Mobile Dialer

Users of smart phones are familiar with traditional mobile dialers and the VoIP mobile dialer custom developed for carriers mimics it in appearance but goes beyond in functionality. It is easy for them to replace the existing dialer with the VoIP mobile dialer application that can be made available for Android, Blackberry, Windows phone and iOS platforms through the app stores and enjoy a host of features. Carriers can choose to have included in the dialer any number of features or limit them according to their objective. The app can include a host of features such as address book, voice call, video call, statistics, timer, instant messaging, file and image sharing, call hold, retrieve, transfer and forward and redial to name only a few that a competent white label dialer application developer can come up with.

Why choose custom development for VoIP mobile dialer? One of the main benefits of white label dialer application development is complete freedom to have the application customized to the carrier needs. The other is that it offers an opportunity for branding and ensuring brand loyalty. The developer can customize colors, looks, feel and features in the product to suit the company’s existing brand theme besides incorporating security and even make it VoLTE ready.

Choosing a company like Ecosmob for white label mobile dialers is that they have the experience in customizing development and expertise in class 4 and class 5 softswitch implementations. A custom logo and theme are created in a transparent working model. Importantly, there is the assurance of support from start to finish and beyond in white label application development. What carriers like is that they have full ownership of code.

The result of choosing a custom developer is lower cost, facility to modify or upgrade the dialer at any time as new technologies emerge or new business methods are implemented and an enhanced customer experience.

White Label Dialer Application For VoIP Calling Service Providers

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