Custom LG WebOS App Development for LG WebOS Smart Signage Platform

Digital signage was a giant leap in the world of signage. Active signages employing large screen LED or LCDs made passive hoardings and billboards obsolete. Standard digital signages may have a facility for an inbuilt media player or allow content to be relayed through wi-fi, connected lines or the internet. In this scenario the LG WebOS smart signage platform is a paradigm shift. It is an integrated hardware-software solution based on the WebOS smart TV platform using a system on a chip, thereby doing away with media players and other hardware. The SoC allows downloads of content and development of customized applications for specific purposes. It is easy to update using a tablet or smartphone with wi-fi connectivity. There are additional facilities like cloud based solutions, mobile accessibility, multi-touch solutions and screen controls. In fact the sophisticated system allows for custom development on the WebOS platform. From simple apps like video on demand to managing complex integrations, permissions and scheduling, anything is possible with LG webOS app development.

There are already several vendors offering standard LG webos apps with sophisticated or simple features according to needs of users. Such off the rack solutions may not suit users who have specific end applications in mind. This is where engaging an expert LG webOS developer like Ecosmob could give enhanced performance, ease of user and value for money. Specialists in development of LG webOS apps can include or exclude certain features and deliver apps that are compact in code and easy to use. With their expertise in LG webOS app development, Ecosmob offer extreme customization. For instance, it is possible to design a browser interface to schedule media playback as well as deliver live ticker and make use of live HDMI inputs. Each user’s requirement varies like, for instance, a museum’s needs vary from that of a retail store or an enterprise. Understanding of LG webOS and expertise in development of full-scale enterprise LG WebOS solutions leads to integrating software with hardware in a superbly seamless way. Specialists in LG WebOS app development make full use of its features like content support and scheduling, playback from dynamic sources, smart downloads, content creation, creating user groups and remote player management.

There is no disputing the fact that live digital signages have a tremendous impact and LG WebOS signage takes it to the next level. Retail stores, restaurants, internal communications in corporate environments, hospitality, education, healthcare, stadium, stock traders, automotive industry and sports benefit by the advanced features of this latest in digital signage. Each segment has a different needs and Ecosmob LG WebOS development addresses all of them, delivering value in the process.

Custom LG WebOS App Development for LG WebOS Smart Signage Platform

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