Hosted PBX Solutions Are Inherently Advantageous and Improve Company Processes Manifold

Technology is changing the way businesses operate. From in-house IT solutions, companies are now moving to a variety of cloud hosted solutions for obvious reasons. From standard PSTN lines companies moved to VoIP as a cost effective and technologically advanced solution. The next step in the natural progression of IT world is to go in for hosted PBX for the inherent advantages in this service method.


The obvious benefits of hosted pbx solutions:

Moving to the cloud has its own advantages. Hosted pbx solution providers like offer a completed package that offers obvious benefits such as:

Freeing up space and resources within the premises;

Reducing dependence on manpower and consequent savings on salaries

Savings on capital investments and constant need to upgrade equipment to match growing demand, and, Access to latest technologies and updates.

Beyond the obvious benefits—improving company processes

However, looking beyond these obvious advantages of hosted pbx solutions there are several other distinct benefits.

Hosted PBX is faster and employs the latest updates that enable fast connections and routing calls to the right person in an organization, with facility for customization such as call hold or transfer or wait. Executives can do much more and do it with least hassles.

Organizations need not maintain hardware or pay personnel for maintenance. Hosted solution providers handle everything in the background and leave organizations free to focus on their core business and use their resources to better advantage.

Cost of equipment and their capability are stumbling blocks. Simply shifting to cloud PBX does away with both as users enjoy the pay as you go model and pay only for usage without having to invest in any capital equipments. The money can be better invested in other areas.

There are side benefits such as CRM integration and maintain up to date records and also take care of NDNC numbers.

One of the greatest benefits is seamless updates to mobile technologies. Mobile devices and software are constantly being updated and when one switches to hosted pbx solution providers like, all such updates are taken care of and full functionalities are preserved. Even new ones may be added.

Of equal importance is the fact that hosted PBX is always on and accessible allowing organizations to access customers or the other way around and deliver a better customer experience. Critical businesses cannot afford downtime. Cloud hosted PBX have inbuilt redundancies and seamless switching should one server go down. The work never suffers and users can carry on usual communications without interruptions.

Providers may offer advanced features in the package that normal services may charge extra for, such as IM, video chat, voice email and others with full monitoring and logging facility.

It is time to make the move to hosted pbx from if you have not already done so.

Hosted PBX Solutions Are Inherently Advantageous and Improve Company Processes Manifold

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