Session Border Controller Serves A Variety of Purposes for VoIP Service Providers

For those engaged in VoIP services it is imperative that they be prepared to offer just about any service configuration that a client may demand and deliver such services in a secure way. As the number of clients grows so does complexity and the vulnerability of networks. Assuring smooth services to clients with peace of mind and flawless performance means that the VoIP service provider must put in place the right set of software and hardware configurations. One of the prerequisites for seamless operation is incorporation of session border control or SBC into the VoIP solution network offered to clients.

Incorporating SBC solution into the VoIP network does more than offer a secure voice firewall. SBC is an easy way to connect SIP trunk providers to other VoIP systems in on premises or network environments.



Security is a prime concern in any networked environment. For VoIP service providers one of the concerns is toll fraud or attempts by unauthorized users to manipulate media. SBS solutions incorporate back to back user agent to handle media and SIP signaling that gives better control in comparison to application layer firewalls that are usually designed around SIP. However, there is more to SBS than mere security.


Networks differ in the way they are set up and configured and interoperability can be a hassle. SBC steps in and handles TCP to UDP conversion, connectivity to H.323 systems and codec conversions seamlessly. It can use NAT traversal, SIP message, IPV4 to IPV6 interworking, VPN connectivity and protocol translations.


A VoIP service provider may have to handle migration issues in new client setups. SBC allows easier handling of all such issues with its AD look up feature and route calls accordingly besides providing call forwarding and simultaneous ring features.

SBC enhances performance

The digital signaling processor feature of an SBC assists with media bypass and shifts load thereby reducing burden on the server. SBC also allows better control like traffic monitoring, call admission and resource allocation. Users can prioritize calls and even intercept calls when SBC is incorporated into the service.

SBC stands like a sentinel and not only serves as a voice firewall but it also allows data gathering for statistical purposes. Directly and indirectly, it helps in generating revenues while assuring peace of mind for users at all levels and for the VoIP operator as well.

SBC comes in many flavors such as a physical or a virtual appliance, a software package or a solution that works in tandem with gateways. VoIP service providers would find it in their interest to incorporate a suitable SBC solution such as that offered by into their network. It makes a difference to their business and to the quality of service that clients appreciate.

Session Border Controller Serves A Variety of Purposes for VoIP Service Providers

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