Multi Tenant IP-PBX Provider Enjoy a Host of Benefits and Boost Revenues

Anyone who is in the IT business knows the intense competition, pairing of prices and profits and the struggle to survive. In this scenario there is one segment that is buzzing and that is VoIP, a market segment that was expected to exceed $ 74 billion by 2015 and substantially increase in value by 2020. Cloud based VoIP is growing fast and anyone in the IT business who becomes an IP-PBX provider offering VoIP services stands to gain in several different ways.

Multi tenant IPPBX

PBX users are switching to cloud based services

More and more users of conventional telephony based PBX are switching to cloud based services due to inherent advantages and features such as conferencing, mobile capable services, text to speech recognition, voice recording and others that give businesses an added edge. Providers offering multi-tenant pbx have a growing market of businesses they can convert from traditional telephony to cloud based VoIP offerings by showing them the features and advantages. This market is not going to reduce and will prove to be a profitable source of revenue to providers of IP-PBX services.

There is no limit to the number of clients

Business users who see the outstanding advantages of IP-PBX will make the switch to hosted services. A service provider needs to invest only once and then he can have any number of clients in the multi-tenant pbx environment. All it needs is a connection to a VoIP gateway and suitable software that works in a networked environment from a suitable VoIP IP PBX solutions provider. Revenues increase manifold as more clients are added to a service provider’s list.


There is plenty of scope for value addition in a multi-tenant PBX environment. A service provider may offer a limited set of facilities and charge for each extra services on a pay as you go model. This one way to add to revenue while making sure customers spend less on telecommunication costs. Since IP PBX are usually tied to networked hardware within an organization, a service provider can offer additional IT hardware and software related services apart from earning revenues through regular annual maintenance contracts. Training to employees in leveraging the advantages of VoIP is another revenue generating avenue. Deploying IP PBX or VoIP is easier than conventional PBX and a service provider spends less on personnel. Since the multi-tenant PBX environment does not need specialized hardware or setup, the service provider saves on these costs as does the client.

For those organizations engaged in any type of IT solutions and services, becoming an IP PBX service provider is a hugely tempting attraction due to growth and revenue prospects. Just getting in touch with the right VoIP solutions provider like is the key to unprecedented success.

Multi Tenant IP-PBX Provider Enjoy a Host of Benefits and Boost Revenues

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