Why SBC Is Must for Telecom Service Provider?

With technological inventions, the Telecom service providers have started adopting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) related tools and solutions to offer local and international telecommunication services. However, just like any other network VoIP network is also not 100% safe, the Telecom service provider must get some mechanism in place to secure their Telecom network. This blog will guide you with the details of why SBC is must have solution for telecom service provider as a security mechanism. Before we get into details, understand SBC aka Session Border Controller is the solution which sits on top of network to make sure you are secured from any attacks. This will prevent the DOS (Denial of Service, DDos (Destructive Denial of Service) and other malicious hack and attacks. FreeSWITCH SBC solution is the perfect tool to give you complete security. Now, let’s dive deep with a few specific cases where it says having an SBC is mandatory.


It secures the network at session level

The SBC solution sits on the border of the VoIP network to ensure the highest level security. It checks each and every session coming in and going out of the network to ensure it is highly secure.

Prevents toll fraud with advanced actions

This is very important in the Telecom industry to safeguard the network from possible toll frauds. This can make a business run out of money if hackers make false calls or perform toll frauds. The SBC solution not only ensure to avoid such concerns, but also take necessary action of blocking the IP and sending alert when it find suspicious activities.

Provide Interoperability Functionality

There is a custom SBC solution available which not only safeguards the VoIP network, but also provides the features such as protocol conversion, codec transcoding, etc. All these work in favor of the telecom service provider as he might be dealing with different networks and with this type of custom SBC solution, now, he can work with any network without any need of different solutions.

Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides FreeSWITCH SBC solution development. To know more, visit https://www.freeswitchservice.com/freeswitchsbc

Why SBC Is Must for Telecom Service Provider?

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