Get A Robust SBC Solution Developed In OpenSIPs

If you belong to VoIP industry, you must be knowing the importance of an SBC solution. If you are not, here is the quick information about this must have solution.

What is SBC Solution?

An SBC aka Session Border Controller Solution is the system designed and developed to provide topnotch security to the VoIP network. This solution makes sure that each threat is kept outside of the VoIP network so the system can stay up and running 24*7.

In traditional days, the SBC solution was developed just to secure the VoIP network, but now, it works above and beyond that. The Session Border Controller solution provides many other functionalities to improve the performance of the VoIP network. For your reference, below is the list of features you can get with an SBC solution:

  • Topology hiding

  • Carrier hiding

  • Signaling protocol inter working

  • SIP header manipulation

  • Called party address manipulation

  • Calling party address manipulation

  • Protocol validation

  • Codec transcoding

  • And many more

The Session border controller can be developed on different platforms. The OpenSIPs is one of the best development platforms to develop an SBC solution. It is a highly scalable and flexible solution, which if used for development, will produce a highly scalable and robust SBC solution. The opensips supports IP blacklist as an inbuilt feature, which is one of the core reason to use this technology for the development of an SBC solution. Along with the stated feature, there are many other features OpenSIPs offers. Some of the key features are listed below:

  • Dialogue support

  • Plug and play module interface

  • IP black list

  • And more

The SBC solution developed in OpenSIPs can provide advanced features of security as well as performance improvement of the overall system.

Ecosmob Technologies has the required expertise in both Opensips and session border controller system development. To discuss in detail how the sbc solution developed in opensips can benefit you and your VoIP network, visit

Get A Robust SBC Solution Developed In OpenSIPs

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