The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system has always been beneficial to diversified industry verticals. There are different types of IVR solutions available in the market. The order tracking IVR solution is one of the available IVRS in the market. This IVR is very much important and beneficial to the companies which deal with the door to door delivery services. However, people or business owners are still unaware about this amazing Interactive Voice Response system. This article will provide the details of the order tracking IVR system.

What is order tracking IVRS?

Like any other IVR solution, this is an interactive voice response system which attends the client calls automatically and responds them based on the fed logic and voice prompts. The only difference is that this type of IVRS is created to serve a specific purpose. The order tracking IVRS is created to allow customers to track their orders which are shipped, but not delivered yet.

This solution is specifically designed and developed to cater the need of “order tracking”.

Who can use order tracking IVR system?

There are many industry verticals which can take benefit of this specific Interactive Voice Response system. To give you a hint of it, some of them are listed hereunder:

  • eCommerce

  • mCommerce

  • Courier service provider

  • Food delivery service providers

  • Cargo shipment companies

  • Gift shops

  • Boutique

  • Laundry

  • Cake shop

  • And many more

How order tracking IVRS works?

  • There will be a predefined number in the company or organization which is integrated with the order tracking IVR system.

  • Whenever someone calls on that number, the order tracking IVR system will auto attend the call

  • The call will be answered with a warm greeting message, which will be followed by different Voice prompts

  • The caller can select the suitable option based on his queries

  • At the end of the flow, the customer will be able to know the status or location of the order. The IVRS can also allow the customer to speak with the customer support executive.

The above mentioned flow is a normal flow. This IVR menu flow can be changed based on the requirement of the company.

Key Features of Order tracking IVR solution:

The order tracking interactive voice response solution will have all features any normal IVRS would have. To give you a brief about it, below is the list of features an order tracking IVR will have:

  • Web based admin panel

  • Support for more than one language

  • Editable welcome prompt

  • Multilevel IVR menu

  • Editable IVR menu prompts

  • Text to speech conversion

  • Integration with database

  • Call recording

  • And many more

The order tracking Interactive Voice Response system will make the order tracking easy, quick and automated which will benefit both, organization and customers. This type of solution has benefited many industry verticals to increase customer satisfaction and revenues.


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