Dynamic IVR Builder To Create Unique Experience

An IVR system is the entry point for a caller to your company. This caller can be your potential customer, investor or some other important business entity. This is why you have to make sure that your IVR is serving the caller at its best. In general scenarios, the IVRS has a few recorded voice prompts which get played one by one based on the selection made by the caller. These voice prompts are the recorded voice and often a time, the caller finds it robotic. Of course, it is a machine taking care of a human, but still adding some kind ingredients of human touch in the IVR can help you to serve your callers with the unique and pleasing experience.

Ecosmob Technologies have come up with an advanced mechanism called, Dynamic IVR Builder. This solution will work as an effective Interactive Voice Response creator to serve your callers with the unique experience. It is an advanced solution which has benefited many organizations with its amazing features and benefits.

Take a note that it is a Multilevel IVR Building Solution. It means you can create an IVR menu of multiple levels. You are not restricted to creating a single level menu. This will help you to go into detailing of your offering to serve your customers with available options.

The most alluring part of this dynamic IVR builder offered by Ecosmob Technologies is that it is a GUI based IVR builder. It means it has Graphical User Interface so any employee from your company can build an IVR menu for your customers. You can also make changes with it without much hassle. Due to this feature of this solution, it is also known as Visual IVR Builder.

This solution can be used to create user friendly and engaging IVR menus for your organization. You can get more information about this solution, its features and its benefits by visiting their marketing page, which is accessible here: https://www.freeswitchservice.com/multitenantivrsoftware

Dynamic IVR Builder To Create Unique Experience

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