LG WebOS Defines Smart TV with Simplicity

LG is a known Brand name across the globe. If we look back in the past, the biggest blunder made by this company was its involvement on phones. LG failed miserably trying their hands on the phone. Then, the news came that LG has jumped into the Smart Television industry by acquiring PalmOS. The PalmOS then renamed as LG WebOS. Initially, people and even a few industry experts were finding it another blunder made by the company, but the LG brand and expert engineers proved all rumors wrong. In fact, they came up with an amazing smart OS, called, LG WebOS, which redefined the Smart TV technology at certain levels!

“Simple Setup, Simple Discovery, Simple Operation”

This is the slogan of LG Smart TV, which is used in the LG WebOS. The company is following the above mentioned slogan from their heart and soul. It is extremely easy to setup the LG Smart TV in your house. You don’t require any specific manual to use it. Further, the menus and navigations given in the LG Smart TV are so swimming. You can explore anything you wish really fluidly. One of the amazing features of the LG WebOS is it shows a timeline on your SmartTV, which tells you about the shows you had watched in the past and presently watching. This is a pretty awesome feature offered by this Smart TV. Simple operation makes it easy to operate. Here, operate means you can switch channels and apps with a supersonic speed. The LG WebOS made it so seamless to discover different entertainment stuff and switch back and forth that it is like applying butter on bread. It was almost impossible to do earlier. The icing on the cake is the mobile app comes with the LG Smart TV, which can be used to control and operate your Smart Television. Yes, a mobile app can control your television experience.

We can say that LG WebOS has redefined the whole experience given by Smart Television. We are the proud developers with experience of developing different application for LG Smart TV.  If you are looking for any custom app development in LG WebOS, contact us now!

LG WebOS Defines Smart TV with Simplicity

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