Top Tips To Keep In Mind While Hiring a Developer

In any business, at certain point of time a company comes across a need to hire a developer. It can be possible that your business need to develop a web, VoIP or mobile app for your own business; or your existing customer is looking for a turnkey solution. The situation can be anything and you have to hire a developer or a team of developers. Whenever you come across such scenario and all set to hire a developer, keep following tips in mind. This will help you to get the best resource for your development project.

Define, is it a one time development need or ongoing?
Before actually starting developer hunting, you need to gauge the opportunity and its tenure. You have to define, whether it is a one time development requirement or it is something you will need on an ongoing basis. Also, you have to define, are you ready to manage the in-house resources? Do you have the bandwidth to manage this whole new challenge? Is it worth spending time and efforts with that or outsourcing the development project will be a good move? This brainstorming will help you to define a very important question. Do you want to hire an in-house developer or a remote developer? This is very important and crucial decision to be made.

Interview developer who will be working for you from all aspects
Whether you hire a remote developer by outsourcing contract to a freelancer or a company; or you hire an in-house developer, you have to make sure you interview developer who will be working on your project. Specifically, if you are going to outsource your project to a company, you deal with the project manager or a business development representative. However, they won’t actually perform development task. Thus, it would be a good step to interview a developer who will be working for you. This will give you an idea of his skills as well as commitment. Ensure to check both technical and HR perspective to hire the best developer for your project.

Ask for the portfolio
This is a very important thing to look for. There are many developers available in the industry or many companies with different hiring resource models. However, you have to check the portfolio of the developer or company. The simple reason is action speaks louder than words. The work portfolio will give a clear idea of expertise and skills of the developer and based on that you can decide whether it is well-aligned with your expectations or not.

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Top Tips To Keep In Mind While Hiring a Developer

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