Professional Android Application Development for Multiple Android Devices

Android and iOS are one of the most used mobile platforms around the globe. If we drill down to the available statistics, we can say that Android enjoys the biggest user base among all available mobile platforms. Thus, if you are thinking to launch a mobile application, then Android can be one of the best mobile application development platforms to start with.

As android has the biggest user base, you can get a wider reach for your mobile application. However, you have to make sure that you keep the most important point in mind, which many smart business owners overlook. This important point is that Android has different devices. It means the large user base of Android mobile app development platform consist users of different types of Android devices. To make it clear, below is the list of Android devices available in the market:

  • Android mobile phone

  • Android tablet

  • Android TV aka Smart TV

  • Android wearable devices

Each android device has its own screen resolution and screen size. A single android application development can’t fit in all. You have to be careful to get different Android app development for each of the devices. Of course, the code can get reused to save development hours and cost, but you have to make sure you get the UI UX designs for each Android device. This is a must considered fact, while you are considering Android application development so you can ensure that each Android user, no matter which Android device he is using, get the best user experience with your Android application. You can also decide which Android devices you want to target to begin with and then later go for the app development for other Android devices.

While you outsource your Android application development project to any company or developer, please make sure that they have experience of Android application development for each Android device. Ecosmob Technologies offers custom Android application development services for different Android devices. To know more about their services or discuss your requirements, drop an email to

Professional Android Application Development for Multiple Android Devices

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