An important entity of any company is its customer base. You must have different tools in place to handle these customers. These tools must be placed in a way that your customers feel attended in real time and can get the information or solution they are looking for instantly. An IVR solution is one of the best solutions you can make part of your business to engage your customers with your business even when your employees are not available to attend them.

An IVR solution is an Interactive Voice Response system which gets integrated with your current communication mechanism. Instead of landing your customers in a voicemail or to the receptionist, the IVR solution will attend call on its own. This will enable your company to attend each call made at any time. It means you can be available for your customers 24*7. This will make your customers feel valued by getting attended immediately.

There are a few IVR solutions available in the market, which has an integrated CRM solution as well. This type of the IVR solution helps in treating customers in a personalized manner. For example, this type of IVR system will play the name of the customer while playing greeting message. It can play custom IVR prompts based on the history of the customer. This can perform at its best in customer retention and lead nurturing.

The IVR solution also comes with advanced functionality which will allow your customers to perform various jobs on their own. They can book a ticket, recharge their balance, schedule an appointment and can do much more on their own using an IVR system.

Based on your business model, you can get a custom IVR solution development to enhance your model of handling customers. This will engage your customers and help them to quickly perform different actions without holding in call queue, or waiting for the executives to handle their queries.

Ecosmob Technologies offers IVR solution development in FreeSWITCH. A freeSWITCH based IVR solution can handle any number of concurrent callers. To know more about IVR solution development services offered by Ecosmob, visit


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