Understand Concept of Digital Transactions In This Live Webinar of Ecosmob

Going cashless with Digital Transactions is the concept pushed by almost each country. The recent buzz was made by the Indian PM in this direction. He demonetized the highest currency notes of India. He is encouraging the Indian population to adopt digital transactions. This move by the Indian government has aroused curiosity of many people about the concept of digital transactions. To satisfy this curiosity of common people and at the same time educating the business professionals with insightful knowledge of digital transactions, an Indian Company, Ecosmob Technologies has announced to conduct a webinar on the subject “Go Cashless with Digital Transaction”. The webinar is absolutely free to attend and open to all. Also, it is designed for the global audience so everyone can take benefit of the knowledge going to be shared by the domain experts.

The details of the webinar are as below:

Subject: Go Cashless With Digital Transaction

Webinar Type: Live Webinar

Date: 22nd December, 2016

Time: 3:00 PM IST

Duration: 45 Minutes (5 Minutes Introduction + 30 Minutes knowledge sharing + 5 Minutes Conclusion +  10 Minutes Question & Answers)


Krunal Patel, Business Head, Ecosmob Technologies

Sachin Ghulyani, Business Development Manager, Ecosmob Technologies

Webinar will cover:

  • Specifics of Digital Transactions

  • Advantages of Digital Transaction

  • Disadvantages of Digital Transaction

  • Different Models of Digital Transactions

  • Question and Answer with live audience

How to participate in this webinar?

Fill up registration form here: https://www.ecosmob.com/blog/live-webinar-on-digital-transactions-with-field-experts/

To book your seat, register yourself today as the webinar has limited participant policy.

Understand Concept of Digital Transactions In This Live Webinar of Ecosmob

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