Session Border Controller Benefited Contact Centers in Multiple Ways

Contact Centers are increasing immensely due to increasing demand of customer support in almost each industry. Due to cost and other benefits offered by SIP based call center solutions, the contact centers have started using the SIP based call center for their day to day working. As contact centers deal with massive call, media and signals every moment, it is very important to ensure the security of a call center environment. Especially, contact centers might be dealing with sensitive user data. Thus, it is important to apply security checks so data don’t get hacked or compromised in any way. As a SIP based call center solutions work with IP to IP model, it can’t get secured with simple Firewall, no matter how advance it is! The Session Border Controller Solution is the best security mechanism here. It has not only secured many contact centers, but has also benefited them in increasing productivity and adhering the regulatory compliance.

As the name suggests, the Session Border Controller solution sits on the border of network and check each session coming in and going out of the network, which ensures the highest level of security. Moreover, the Session Border Controller solution can also work on encrypted packets. Thus, in case, your contact center is working with healthcare industry, in which, according to HIPAA compliance, each data of the patient has to keep confidential, you may use encryption of data while it is traversing through the internet. Even if the data get hacked into the network, the hackers won’t have decryption key. So your data will be absolutely secure.

The Session Border Controller solution will also safeguard contact centers from fake calls, toll frauds, DOS and DDOS attacks. Thus, it will ensure securing your contact center from any monetarily or reputation loss.

As the Session Border Controller solution will ensure to keep your system up and running 365*24*7, you can provide best customer support to your clients and a powerful system to your staff. This will increase productivity of your staff and customer satisfaction.

In a nutshell, we can say, the Session Border Controller Solution will not only safeguard your contact center, but will also offer many benefits to you so you can ensure success for your contact center.

We offer custom Session Border Controller Solution Development services at affordable rates. We use FreeSWITCH for development of SBC solution to develop a secure, scalable and reliable solution. To know more about the offered features and benefits of SBC system we offer, visit

Session Border Controller Benefited Contact Centers in Multiple Ways

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