IVR Solution: Boon for Any Company

Many small to big companies are using Interactive Voice Response System for various reasons. The IVR system can benefit companies in a one way or another. Here the thing to be noticed is that the companies are using the IVR solution for long or wondering to start utilizing it, but many of them are unaware of characteristics of an IVR solution and thus are not using those at its best. This article will define the utilities and benefits of an IVR system so you can use it at its best.

The IVR system works as an automated call attendant system. It will receive every call and provide different interactive options to the caller. This system can be used either for routing the caller to the executive who has the expertise to resolve the concern of the caller or to allow customers for self serving to get any specific answer or to take an action.

This type of IVR system offers many benefits to the organizations. Some of them are listed hereunder:

  • It will remove operational cost as the organization will not need a receptionist or a call attendant to receive each call and route it to the right executive

  • It will increase the customer satisfaction because the IVR system can be programmed to route the calls to the right executive who is skilled enough to answer the caller’s query without taking help of senior or colleague in 95% cases. This will give a quick answer to the caller’s concern and increase the customer satisfaction ratio.

  • This IVR system will increase the staff productivity. Now, your staff doesn’t need to spend time in attending and transferring calls. Moreover, each call will be routed to the concerned executive only. Also, the IVR solution will automate many tasks which will further keep your executives available for different important operations. This will increase the staff productivity remarkably.

  • It will allow you to handle multiple calls at the same time. Thus, you can handle the multiple client concerns in parallel, which is not possible or very costly with the manual system.

  • The IVR system can have a callback option. According to which, if the maximum number of callers are already on the line and the next caller is put in the call queue, then the IVR system will ask the caller to leave the number and the agent will call back

With all the above mentioned benefits, an organization can gain more business and ROI by making an IVR system part of its communication environment. We offer custom IVR solution development services. To know more about it, visit https://www.freeswitchservice.com/solutions/freeswitchivr

or drop an email at sales@ecosmob.com

IVR Solution: Boon for Any Company

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