Reliable and Advanced SBC Solution To Keep VoIP Business Running

VoIP solutions and services are so exciting that more and more users have started subscribing to different services; whether it’s simple one to one calling using a calling card or running a full fledge call center using a VoIP based call center software. The clientele of VoIP are increasing. These have given a boost to the VoIP service providers and their business. However, to serve these hundreds to thousands of consumers, you have to make sure that you are having a perfect mechanism to keep your VoIP network up and running. An SBC Solution aka Session Border Controller Solution can work as a must have part of the VoIP network due to its advanced features.

Empowered Security

Any VoIP network is prone to security threats. Some of the known threats are toll frauds, DOS (Denial of Service) attack, DDOS (Destructive Denial of Service) attack, etc. In such security attacks simple firewall or other security mechanism fails. The only prevention can be achieved is by using an SBC solution because it checks each packet coming in or going out of the network at the border of VoIP network. It works at session level, which gives the highest security.

Make Communication Easy Between Different VoIP Networks

The VoIP network used to exchange signals, media and data with other VoIP networks. It is pretty possible that different VoIP networks have different VoIP environment. To simplify we may say that network 1 might use different audio and video codec while network 2 might use other type of audio and video codec. Here, the SBC solution works as a transcoding device and transcode the packets from one type to another. So the SBC solution makes working between different VoIP networks possible, and that also without any additional expenses.

We offer custom SBC solution development in FreeSWITCH which ensures the reliability and scalability. To know more about our SBC solution development service, visit

Reliable and Advanced SBC Solution To Keep VoIP Business Running

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