Voice Broadcasting Solution: Compendious Guide

Different businesses run over different business concepts, but one fact remains the same and that is, they have to reach the masses. Moreover, every single person, which is getting reached by the business needs to be treated in a personalized manner. The Voice Broadcasting solution is one of the tools a business can use to satisfy both these mentioned needs. Let’s understand voice broadcasting solution with more details.

What Is Voice Broadcasting Solution?
It is a web based software solution, which allows you to send a voice message to a mass audience at the same time. You can also personalize the voice message by recording it in your own voice. You may also schedule the voice broadcasting on specific date and time. Once you schedule the voice broadcasting campaign, it will be automated. The voice messages will be broadcast on that specific date and time and you even won’t need to remember to send the messages.

How It Works?
The working model of the voice broadcasting solution is very easy. The solution is a GUI based solution, which is very easy to operate. The steps of making it work are listed below:

  • Create a voice broadcasting campaign

  • Upload a voice message file (Alternatively, this type of solution also provides the provision to record the voice message in your own voice. One may also use the text to speech feature of the solution)

  • Fill up the necessary details and set a campaign

  • Schedule date and time

  • And You are done!

The Voice Broadcasting Solution also offers the feature such as maximum number of retries so in case a call is not received by the receiver in the first call then, the system will try next time. The attempts will be made for the mentioned maximum number of times. The solution also offers the reports with all call details. This will help you to measure the campaign. This can help you to count the Return over Investments and you may also plan next campaign with better strategy.

Utilities of Voice Broadcasting Solution:

  • To send announcements

  • To send reminders

  • To send greetings

  • To send discount and offers

  • To send invitations

  • And many more

Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer custom voice broadcasting solution. The features can be developed based on customer requirements. To know the key features of the voice broadcasting solution, visit https://www.ecosmob.com/cosmobs-voicesmsbroadcasting/

Voice Broadcasting Solution: Compendious Guide

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