Session Border Controller Solution: To Prevent VoIP Network

VoIP networks are used by the service providers to offer VoIP related services. This VoIP network is different than simple IT or similar networks. It cannot get secured using the simple firewall. In fact, the firewall doesn’t allow the VoIP packets and signals get through it. Thus, one needs to make changes in the firewall to allow VoIP signals and packets. This may increase the threats on the network. In fact, the VoIP network used to have different and major threats compared to other networks. Some of the threats are listed below:

Toll Frauds

One of the most dangerous threats to a VoIP network is the toll fraud. Here, the hackers used to tweak the VoIP network in a way that it makes fake calls. This can cause big financial losses to the VoIP service providers.

DOS and DDOS Attacks

The Denial of Service and Destructive Denial of Service may interrupt the services of the VoIP service providers. These types of attacks are specific to the VoIP network only.

Malicious Hack Attacks

The VoIP network may also face the malicious attacks by the notorious hackers. This can be a small attack by interrupting your services temporarily or dangerous to destruct the whole network which is next to recover.

These are a few known attacks a VoIP network may face. This requires a concrete mechanism to safeguard the network. The Session Border Controller (SBC) Solution is the perfect solution for your network. We offer custom SBC solution development services with custom features so one may get the best security solution for his/her VoIP network. For more details of features, benefits, etc., visit

Session Border Controller Solution: To Prevent VoIP Network

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