Professional Asterisk Solution Development by Asterisk Experts Available Cost Effectively

Asterisk is the renowned VoIP technology. In fact, we can say it is pioneer VoIP technology. It is an open source with a very strong community support, which made it an industry leader, even if it has the strong competition from other VoIP technologies. Anything and everything can be developed in VoIP using Asterisk. However, it needs an extensive knowledge of each application, module and features of the Asterisk. Ecosmob Technologies has that team of astute Asterisk developers who can offer you custom Asterisk solution development services for anything you want. The company has almost 8+ years of experience in the VoIP industry, which made them one of the leaders of the VoIP world. Some of the Solutions offered by the company are briefed here:

Phone Number Verification Solution

It is a solution which can authenticate a customer or a prospect at the time of registration by authenticating their phone number. It will help to filter the fake inquiries and registrations.

WebRTC Client Solution

This solution is a web based communication solution, which uses both Asterisk and WebRTC technology to offer communication in real time. It can be used to conduct audio and video calls, conferences, chat, file sharing, etc.

Appointment Booking IVR Solution

Giving an appointment can be a basic need for many organizations. The appointment booking IVR solution can automates this task. People who are seeking to get an appointment may interact with this IVR solution and can choose their convenient time for appointment from the available slots.

Automated Ticketing IVR System

There are many industries which offer ticket booking. The automated ticketing aka ticket booking IVR solution can be used by these organizations. This IVR solution will allow customers to book tickets remotely by any type of phone. It doesn’t require any internet connection or an app download which makes it accessible to all.

Hotel IVR Solution

It is a specifically designed and developed IVR solution for the hospitality industry. It has all the features any hotel would require to cater its guests. In fact, custom hotel IVR solution development can have the selective features based on the need of a hotel.

Quiz Competition IVR

If you are in an education or entertainment industry, then this IVR solution can be very beneficial to you. You can allow your students or customers to attempt quizzes or play competitions by answering quizzes. The quiz IVR solution can also be used by the organization which wants to take the questionnaire from their audience for one reason or another.

Payment Processing IVR Solution

It can be used to allow the customers to pay using an Interactive Voice Response system. It offers a convenient and quick way for processing different types of payments securely.

Informative IVR Solution

This IVR solution is also known as wiki IVR as it works as a wiki for the organization using it. It offers information to the caller about different things based on the organization or department using it.

Currency Converter IVR Solution

Businesses deal with the clients of different countries and this involves the different currencies as well. The currency converter IVR system is the solution which can be used to deal with different currencies.

CRM Integrated IVR Solution

This type of IVR solution is integrated with the CRM of an organization. It can fetch and store data from/to the CRM, which makes it capable to serve each caller aka customer in a personalized manner.

Ecosmob offer all above and many more Asterisk solutions development services cost effectively. To know more drop an email at

Professional Asterisk Solution Development by Asterisk Experts Available Cost Effectively

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