Telemedicine IVR Software To Serve The Needy Patients

After devotion of God, people used to find doctors and medical professionals worth of devotion. That is also for all good reasons. The Telemedicine initiative is one of the strong example of the kind and generous doctors. It is a facility started to serve those people who live in the rural area, where the medical facilities are not easily available. As a simple logic, these people don’t have the internet connection or smartphone either. So the mobile applications are not something which can help them much. Here, the telephonic solutions can do the needful. The telemedicine IVR solution is one of the best tools, which can be used as a great contributor in this generous movement of doctors.

To contribute in this commendable initiative of the medical industry, we offer telemedicine IVR software development services. This IVR solution can be used by any hospital or doctor to serve the patients on need basis. This IVR solution doesn’t require any specific software or application download or installation to use this service. What it all need is any type of phone, which can also be a public phone of a village.

How does Telemedicine IVR solution work?

  • This IVR system is installed and configured on the doctor’s side with a phone number, which can be any landline, mobile or even a toll free number.

  • This number will be shared publicly

  • When someone needs the medication related service such as, first aid medication, scheduling an appointment, etc., the person will make a call on this specific number

  • When the phone gets attended an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu will be played

  • The caller can interact with the menu by selecting the given options

This is as simple as it sounds!

As we understand the different area needs different medication or health related services, we offer custom development for the telemedicine IVR solution. This solution will have an easy to understand and use user panel. Thus, the medical staff can use and manage it on their own, without getting dependent.

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Telemedicine IVR Software To Serve The Needy Patients

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