Session Border Controller To Enjoy Uninterrupted and Secure VoIP Services

VoIP network is getting adopted worldwide as the demand of VoIP solutions and products are getting increased tremendously. With every good, a threat of destruction also comes and VoIP is not an exception here. The VoIP network is prone of different threats like

  • DoS (Denial of Service) attack

  • DDoS (Destructive Denial of Service) attack

  • Malicious activities

  • Hacking

  • And many other

That is why, it is very much important to add the security mechanisms so the VoIP network can be kept secure. The Session Border Controller Solution is the must have solution in any VoIP network. Any VoIP service provider must have a session border controller system to ensure that their VoIP environment and the sensitive data traveling across the VoIP network are absolutely secure. The SBC solution can have different features. Based on the requirements, the VoIP service provider can get the custom features for their SBC Solution. Sometimes a very basic set of features of SBC solution would do the needful by making the VoIP environment secure. A few VoIP service provider or businesses need more advanced features such as Topology hiding to hide the topology from external sources. The key features of the Session Border Controller Solution are listed below:

  • Multiple calls access control

  • SIP intrusion prevention

  • SIP malformed packet protection

  • Full security (SRTP/TLS) capability

  • Topology hiding

  • Advanced XML routing engine

  • Advanced NAT traversal capabilities

  • Authentication of Endpoints

  • Protection from DoS and DDoS Attacks

  • IPSec Encryption

  • And more

Ecosmob Technologies offer custom SBC software development services based on the custom requirements. To discuss your requirements, drop an email at

Session Border Controller To Enjoy Uninterrupted and Secure VoIP Services

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