Order Tracking IVR Solution for Restaurants and Hotels

The IVR solutions can be used for the variety of applications. The IVR software can be used by different industries to serve their customers and automate the usual processes. One of the industries which can impart maximum benefits of the Interactive Voice Response System is the Hotel and restaurant industry. The IVR solution can help to serve the customers by offering different information through responsive voice messages such as providing the available menu, available offers, available tables, etc. One of the segments of a hotel, which can take max benefits from the IVR solution is door to door delivery department.

There are many restaurants and hotels, which offer door to door food delivery. People used to be eager for one or another reason about their food so they used to call again and again to know the status of their ordered food. Here, the order tracking IVR solution can be very much useful. The customers can be attended by the order tracking IVR system who is calling to know their order status. The IVR solution will answer the queries of the customers about their order status.

The benefits of this order tracking IVR solution are many. To be specific,

  • Answering the query of order status will be automated and quick because your staff will not need to check the status manually and respond to customer.

  • Your staff can be free to serve other customers who are at your physical location

  • The system will answer each call with same tone. I mean the system will not get irritated by attending the 98th call from the same customer asking for his order status, while your staff might get, which can change their tone of reply. This will work as a better customer service tool.

We offer custom order tracking IVR software development services with custom features. If you are interested in knowing more, please visit https://www.freeswitchservice.com/solutions/order-tracking-ivr-solution

To discuss your requirements, drop an email at sales@ecosmob.com

Order Tracking IVR Solution for Restaurants and Hotels

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