Session Border Controller: First To Third Generation

The Session Border Controller was invented almost a decade ago. It has witnessed many major changes in its offered functionality and features. If we say specifically, then there are 3 generations of SBC solutions based on the major changes made in it.

The very first generation of the Session Border Controller were mostly a hardware based solution which used to get installed on the border of the network and control the call traffic in it. It had been used for the PSTN (Public Switched Telephonic Network) initially. In a simple language, it was working like a simple firewall. This system was adding the hefty cost to the security budget of the organizations. Moreover, the SBC solutions of the first generation were only performing NAT traversal and topology hiding to make the network secure.

The second generation of Session border controller solutions were software. It made it more popular because of the ease of use involved. Moreover, the SBC solutions of these generations were not only a software which filter the traffic coming and going out of the network border, but also offered additional features. It was performing this job and also had additional features such as media transcoding, support for more complex flow of calls, etc. Moreover, it was also capable of handling the video calls. The second generation Session Border Controller solution was offered advanced security features along with the NAT traversal and topology hiding. These features include:

  • Denial of Service Attack prevention

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Overload Prevention

  • IPSEC Support and monitoring

  • And many more

Currently, there is a third generation of Session Border Controller solution in use. It has advanced mechanism of security. Along with the security, it also offers additional features such as QoS. Moreover, today’s SBC solution comes as a virtual solution which can be installed on client’s server or the cloud.

So this is about the 3 different generations of the SBC solution. We have expertise in the SBC Software development. Would you like to discuss your requirements? Drop us an email at

Session Border Controller: First To Third Generation

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