Telecom APIs for Communicative Mobile App Development

The days of static and simple mobile applications are gone. Now, people are looking for more and extra features in it. One of as such features demanded by the audience is communication. The mobile application users would like to take advantage of innovation in the telecommunication industry. Instead of mastering the telecommunication nitty gritty, the mobile app developers can take advantage of Telecom APIs.

The telecom API is a developed application programming interface which can be used as a part of a solution or software to integrate specific features in it. Also, it combines the features of mobile apps which makes it a perfect fit for the usage in mobile app development. One may get the custom telecom API development to get the specific features in a single API. That API could be used in all related mobile applications, where you want to implement that feature. For ex: If you need to put the feature of connection with the SIP or TDM, then you may get telecom API development for this feature. Then, in any mobile application you may use that telecom API.

The main benefits of the telecom APIs are briefed below:

  • Take benefit of telecom experts in developing mobile apps

  • Code reusability as the same API can use frequently

  • Reduced efforts as once an API is developed, efforts won’t require for that

  • Increased productivity as the mobile app developers don’t need to get into the details of the telecom related coding

There is a wide range of telecom APIs available in the market. Some of them are listed below:

  • Call connection establishment using TDM or SIP

  • Call forwarding

  • Call routing

  • Call transfer

  • Conference call

  • Call parking

  • Call Screening

  • And more

We offer custom Telecom API Development services in FreeSWITCH. To discuss your requirements, drop an email at

Telecom APIs for Communicative Mobile App Development

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