Conduct Edutainment Competition With Quiz IVR Solution

In studies, it is always important to introduce new and engaging ways so the students get engrossed with their studies. Introducing the fun portion in the education is a necessity. One of the interesting mechanisms which can be introduced for this purpose is a Quiz IVR Solution. The quiz IVR solution can be used to arrange the quiz competition for the students. They can take part in this competition using any type of phone. This phone neither require any special feature nor an internet access. The Quiz IVR system can be accessed using any normal to high-tech phone.

How the quiz IVR system for students will work?
Student can call on a predefined number
The call will be attended automatically by the Quiz IVR solution
The IVR system will take initial information from the student such as standard, medium of study, etc.
Based on the gathered information and programmed logic, the quiz IVR system will give options of different available quizzes
Then the student may select the quiz level and subject
After selection of the quiz level and subject, the system will play questions one by one randomly with the predefined options
The student needs to feed the answer
At the end of the quiz, the result will be announced

The result can be saved for the future review. It can also be used as a base for the next level. The quiz could be programmed simple to complex. You can integrate any option you wish to so you can make it highly interesting, engaging and learning activity with fun.

The admin panel of the quiz IVR solution is GUI based so you don’t need to worry about the question how to use it? Anyone with a knowledge of computer can use this solution efficiently. The different IVR prompts can be uploaded, edited and deleted using this admin panel itself.

We offer custom Quiz IVR solution development services based on the specific requirements. We will integrate the features you wish to support in your Quiz Competition IVR Solution.

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Conduct Edutainment Competition With Quiz IVR Solution

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