Currency IVR Solution for International Banks

The banks have crossed the geographical barriers to meet the customer requirements and improve their business model. It has created the win win situation for banks and the consumers, both. To cater the customers in the best possible way, banks provide different value added services to the customers by adopting different advanced technologies and tools. One of such tools used by a majority of banks is an IVR solution.

There are different types of IVR solutions banks can integrate in their system to offer the best customer services such as an IVR system which allows to offer the account related information, but don’t provide any transnational facility. Whilst an Interactive Voice Response System, which offers the transnational facility can be another type of IVR, which might have some inbuilt checks to make each and every small to big transaction secure. The currency converter IVR solution is one as such important Interactive Voice Response System, which can be very much beneficial to the banking industry.

The currency converter IVR is programmed in a way to store the different exchange rates in real time. Not only this, it also converts the currency of one country to another based on the current currency exchange rate of the other country. This made the international transactions very easy, secure and fast. There is also availability of the mobile application for the same, but the restriction with the mobile application is that it has to be connected with the internet by mobile data or WiFi or any other medium. Whilst, the currency converter IVR solution can be used by any type of mobile. It doesn’t require an internet connection. This characteristic of this IVR solution makes it perfect for any international bank.

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Currency IVR Solution for International Banks

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