Telemedicine IVR Solution Strengthen Initiative of Telemedicine Industry And Benefited Patients

Proper medication is one of the basic requirements of any human being. However, the bitter fact is there are many people who are not able to get the medication when they need it the most. This happens specifically in rural or underprivileged areas. Many people die because of delay in the first aid or first phase treatment. To help such people, the doctors and other clinical staff of the healthcare industry around the globe came together with an initiative called “Telemedicine”. According to this initiative, doctors offer remote consultancy and treatment to the people in need. Now, the people living in the distanced areas or who are not able to bear the medical expense can get treated by specialist doctors using this Telemedicine concept.

Telemedicine IVR solution is a small module of above stated concept. It is an Interactive Voice Response System. This system works as an auto attendant. Whenever someone calls on a predefined number, the Telemedicine IVR system will attend the call and answer the queries of the caller. The system will not only answer the queries, but will also help the caller to take different actions. Some of them are listed below:

  • Checking the report status of the medical tests

  • Getting an appointment for a personal check up

  • Hear the health tips

  • Get information of the doctor

  • Check details of the nearby hospitals

  • And more

The Telemedicine IVR solution is software, which comes with a user friendly admin panel. Any doctor or staff of a hospital can manage the system and easily perform routine actions such as:

  • Changing the voice prompts

  • Recording the health tips

  • Uploading the report of patients

  • Scheduling a consultation appointment with doctor

  • And more

We offer custom Telemedicine Interactive Voice Response System with specific features. Let’s discuss your requirements with our executives, we will offer free consultancy. To contact us, drop an email at

To know more details about our offered Telemedicine IVR System, visit

Telemedicine IVR Solution Strengthen Initiative of Telemedicine Industry And Benefited Patients

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