Session Border Controller Solution Safeguard Your VoIP Network

VoIP is a growing technology. More and more organizations have started opting for the SIP based communication and collaboration due to a wide range of advanced features it offers and the plethora of benefits it brings with it. Like other technological inventions, the VoIP network is prone to security attacks and destruction. The major threats of the VoIP network are toll frauds, DOS (Denial of Service) and DDOS(Destructive Denial of Service) attacks. Thus, it is very important to add the possible security mechanisms. One of the best solution to safeguard any VoIP network is the SBC (Session Border controller) System.

As the name suggests the Session Border Controller (SBC) system works on the session level, which ensures the unit level of security. The SBC usually gets installed on the borderline of any VoIP network. Any call, data or signal enters or leaves the VoIP network has to pass through this session border controller solution. The SBC ensures to verify and validate each session, signal and the data passing through it. Also, it ensures that only authorized signals and data can pass through the network, while the rest get filtered out.

The modern SBC solutions are amalgamated with many other features such as maintaining the voice quality, codec transcoding, SIP header manipulation and more. Now, the SBC solution works more advanced than it was before. It gets installed as a back to back SIP agent, too.

The different organizations have the different security concerns. Also, it is obvious that the different VoIP networks might have specific security concerns which required more than a few generic security setups. In such cases, the custom Session Border Controller Software development is the key solution. Many companies offer the custom development and configuration services. Ecosmob Technologies is one of the profound companies, which offer custom SBC solution development services. The company has more than 7 years of experience in developing custom VoIP solutions and has catered many global clients. The company offers SBC solution design, development and deployment services in Asterisk and FreeSWITCH technology based on the requirements of the client and structure of the VoIP network in use. The company also offers the consultancy and support services after the deployment of the system.

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Session Border Controller Solution Safeguard Your VoIP Network

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