VoIP Softswitch: A Pivot Tool of a Telecommunication Network

VoIP softswitch sits in the central position of any telecommunication network. The VoIP softswitch works as a mediator which routes calls from one line to another. The VoIP softswitch can be connected with another softswitch or cloud or a phone line. Here, phone line can be the VoIP network or a public telephony network. The softswitch is a software which gets installed on the server and controls the calling and other related telecommunication operations. Generally, the VoIP based telecommunication networks are made up of general purpose hardware and the softswitch software solution. The VoIP softswitch comes with the integrated billing module, which makes it a perfect fit for the different VoIP related business models including, Mobile Dialer, On net calling, Call back, Device to Phone, Call shop, Calling cards and more.

There are three different types of softswitch available in the market.

Class 4 Softswitch:

This type of VoIP switch has the call routing related features. It can handle multiple concurrent calls with the highest possible call quality.

Class 5 Softswitch

This type of VoIP softswitch is used to offer the call related features such as MOH (Music on Hold), Interactive Voice Response System, etc.

Hybrid VoIP Softswitch

The hybrid softswitch solution is a custom softswitch solution. It is developed to offer the complete solution to build the proper telecommunication network. It has the amalgamated features of class 4 and 5. This type of softswitch gets developed by placing the specific characteristics. Generally, the ITSP gets the custom VoIP softswitch.

We are a team of experienced VoIP developers. We offer the custom softswitch development services for class 4/5 and hybrid switch. We have developed softswitch with the custom features for the telecom operators of the Italy. Why don’t you initiate a conversation to discuss your custom softswitch requirements with our experts? We will be happy to offer free consultancy services. Drop an email at sales@ecosmob.com

VoIP Softswitch: A Pivot Tool of a Telecommunication Network

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