IP PBX Solution To Benefit Small Businesses

The small businesses have to made many different, yet important decisions related to their business working and growth model. The communication need of the small business can be one of the important business requirements at an initial stage because they need to make frequent communications with the clients, prospects and vendors. At the same time, they might be juggling with the budget shorthand. Here, the IP PBX software solution can be great boon to the small business or a startup, no matter what industry it belongs to.

Advanced Features

The IP PBX system offers the advanced features for concrete communication. These features give the MNC appearance to the clients of the small business and the startups. Here are a few key features of the IP PBX listed:

  • Call Forwarding

  • Find me, Follow me (Here, the call will be forwarded to multiple numbers until it gets picked up to ensure that any opportunity doesn’t slip away.)

  • 3 way conferencing

  • Auto attendant

  • Custom music on hold

  • Configurable caller tune

  • Whitelist/ Blacklist

  • IVR

  • Inbuilt call controls

  • Call parking

  • Call recording and playback

  • Call transfer

  • Blind transfer

  • Attendant transfer

  • Call logs and detail reports

  • And more

Hosted or On premises PBX Option Availability

The IP PBX solution can be either installed on the premises of the company or can also be pursued as the hosted services from the service provider. The only considerable difference is that the hosted solution will free you up for any type of installation, management or maintenance costs and task. However, you have to use the only features offered by the service provider and pay the monthly or annual fees regularly to leverage the continuous PBX services. Whilst, on premises PBX solution gets installed in your company premises. Thus, you have to pay the upfront installation fees. However, it gives you total control and ownership of the system. You can get the features, which you want. You have to pay the maintenance cost as and when required, but you are free from any recurring charges. Based on your requirements and budget, you may select the any option, which fits you the best.

We offer the custom IP PBX software development services. Our IP PBX is a web based solution, which can be accessed remotely from any browser. It uses the SIP for calling, which guarantees the highest quality and low call costs. We also offer the PRI and PSTN supported PBX solution development. As we offer the custom solution development, you can select the features, which you wish in your system and pay for only them. The extra features can be easily added later on when the need arises. There are many more benefits you may accrue from the custom IP PBX system.

Why don’t you initiate a discussion and let us guide you with this great communication solution? Drop an email at sales@ecosmob.com or make a call at 1 (303) 997 3139.

IP PBX Solution To Benefit Small Businesses

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