Voice Broadcasting Solution Benefits eCommerce Stores This Holiday Season

The holiday season has started. The Christmas is on the corner. The bells of the new years can be clearly heard. This is the time eCommerce owners can thrive success using the voice broadcasting solution. Wondering how? Let’s explore.

Put Root of Personalized Relations

Being a salesperson all the time is not a good sales approach. The best sales approach is to create better customer relationship. The voice broadcasting solution can be used to send the greetings in the form of voice messages to your clients. The best approach is to record the “Christmas and New Year Greetings Message” in your own voice and send it to all your customers in one go. The voice broadcasting solution also allows you to schedule the message to send it on specific time. For example, record your voice message or upload an audio file of the greetings, select the date 25th December and time12:01 AM; select the list of contacts and schedule the message. You are done. Your greetings will be sent on the Christmas at 12:01 AM to all your customers.

Send Notification of Special Offers and Discounts

The holiday season is generally the season of the offers and discounts. Send all the special offers and discount offers in a personalized manner using the call casting software.

Allow Special Purchases

The call casting solution has the IVR functionality. Using this, you can not only broadcast the offer messages, but also allow the customers to buy the items instantly.

Improve Bonding With Your Staff

How much does it feel when the owner himself wishes his employees the Christmas and New year greetings. It creates a perfect bond with a sweetness between the employees and the owner with the great working environment.

We offer voice broadcasting solution development services. We also develop the multi-tenant call blasting software which can be used to collaborate all your branches worldwide. Let’s discuss more. Drop an email at sales@ecosmob.com. To know more about multi-tenant call broadcast system, visit https://www.asteriskservice.com/cosmobs-broadcasting-system.html

Voice Broadcasting Solution Benefits eCommerce Stores This Holiday Season

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