Phone Number Verification Solution for Recruitment Agencies

As a recruitment agency, you need to screen the multiple CVs, job and other applications on daily basis. There are many other important tasks to be taken care of like taking the first phase interview, discussing the applicant status with the client company, etc. In a nutshell, the recruitment agency needs to go through the massive workload regularly. Thus, it is very important to work smarter to ensure the higher ROI. It would be a good move for you to automate as many process as possible so your manpower can be available for other important tasks.

The Phone number verification system is one of the most beneficial tool any recruitment agency must integrate in its system. Wondering why? Let me explain .

As a recruitment or a job consultant, you must be receiving thousands of job applications from the job hunters and the companies, which are looking for the good candidates. In this pile of applications, it can be possible a few inquiries are fake or not potential. Putting your resources to call manually to cross verify the details might result in waste of time, efforts and resources. The phone verification system will make sure that only genuine candidates and companies reach you.

The phone verification solution verifies each user who register through an online form using an automated authentication system. In technical terminology, it provides the strong two way verification system. Let me explain how it works:

  • When someone fills up all the required details in an online form, the system will take user to the next verification step.

  • Here, based on the system configuration the user has to verify his genuine phone number, which can be a mobile or landline number.

  • Once the user verifies his number then only the form will get submitted to the database.

This will make sure only genuine users reach to your database. This will save a lot of time of your staff from screening the fake applications and approaching the person, who doesn’t exist. Isn’t it sounds productive?

The key benefits of the Phone Number Verification System for the Recruitment Agencies and Job Consultants are listed below:

  • Better utilization of resources

  • Time saver

  • Improved ROI

  • Focused efforts

  • And more

We offer custom phone number verification software development services, to know more about our services, visit:

To discuss your custom requirements, drop an email at

Phone Number Verification Solution for Recruitment Agencies

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