Next-gen Multi-tenant Conferencing Software To Address Your Conferencing Needs

Ecosmob Technologies offer multi-tenant conferencing solution for meeting the communication needs of many business verticals. The company has observed that in today’s fast world, business owners are often piled with tough schedules and many unavoidable plans plus they are stuffed with appointments. For them, it has become difficult to visit the clients for business meetings and ultimately, to maintain the smooth communication. In such a situation, if a real-time communication software is developed by using advanced technology, then these difficulties can be overcome and much time can be saved.

Ecosmob Technologies has designed a solution over the above issues. It is developed in a way to offer the efficient solutions for ‘real time communication’ that is useful to many different industries because the real time communication eliminates the need of traveling from one end to another.

Technologically Sound:

Ecsomob Technologies offer the conferencing solution developed using FreeSWITCH and WebRTC technologies to make the communication easier, simpler and better. It is designed to help small to medium sized enterprises to accomplish the requirements of remote communication through web, video and audio. Users can easily collaborate with one another at anytime from anywhere. The software is supported by the essential technical capabilities to aid enhancing the business productivity of an enterprise. For holding the group meetings and distance learning programs, this software is an ideal one.

Multi-tenant Software:

It is a multi-tenant software and so it is used by an enterprise to provide the conferencing services to multiple users at a time. During the conferencing, same screen can be shared by all the participants along with the features of video, voice and web conferencing. The software functions a bridge that connects two different users situated at two different locations at a time.

Benefits of Multi-tenant Conferencing Solution:

  • Easy-to-use & measurable software

  • No need of extra plug-ins or hardware

  • Augmented with robust features

  • Crystal Clear Voice Quality

  • Simple & User Friendly

  • Helps Conduct Real-time Seminars, Meetings & Presentations

  • Helps Communicate With Distant Participants

  • Renders Remote Support

  • Highly Secure

  • Convenient Conference Experience

  • Plus many more…

The Conferencing Solution offered by the Ecosmob Techologies is an advanced multi-tenant solution for intensifying the audio, web and video conferencing. It is a next-generation software well enriched with robust features. It does not only make the communication easier but also faster and simpler than ever before. Plus it is really good that the software removes the need of travel and saves your money & time. The solution enhances the voice quality and thereby transmits the clear voice while communication. At anytime, from anywhere, you can easily interact with your clients, partners, suppliers and personnel.

Further, the solution is highly secure to use by rendering the robust security features to their users. For conducting a personal conference, unique pass-codes are allotted to the users on inserting which, the participants become able to join that conference. For public conferences or seminars, no pass-code is required. So this feature adds more strength to the security parameter of using the software. Hence, it’s a secure, cost-effective and highly impactful product created for ease of use while real-time interaction.

If you would like to explore more details with the free demo, feel free to contact us:

Next-gen Multi-tenant Conferencing Software To Address Your Conferencing Needs

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