Ecosmob Added Advanced Features in Contact Center Software

Ecosmob Technologies is a popular IT company from India. The company operates from its headquarter, situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company has developed many next generation solutions using the open source technologies to consolidate the diversified industries. The Contact Center System is one of the advanced solution developed by the company. Recently, the company added a few more advanced features in the “Contact Center” solution. The solution is developed by keeping the different operations of the blended call centers in mind. It can be used by any type of call center. The call center can be an inbound or outbound.

Now, the contact center solution is furnished with the simple to advanced features needed to run any small to big call center. It can handle any number of call center agents, calls and supervisors. It ensures the 100% quality and user satisfaction.

“Our added features of the contact center solution have been accepted worldwide. We are glad to see the overwhelming response from the industry. The added features have gained us 175% increase in the call center related leads.”, said the spokesperson of the Ecosmob Technologies.

The contact center software of the company can be used by any country as it can be operated using VoIP, GSM or PRI gateways. By keeping the benefits of VoIP in mind, the contact center software is developed by Ecosmob is a SIP based call center solution. However, the company ensures that it can support the other communication channel like PRI and GSM gateway. As stated by the spokesperson of the company, many countries have banned the VoIP calling due to one or other reasons. To aid the call centers of such countries the provision is given to use the contact center solution of Ecosmob Technologies with alternative communication lines than VoIP.

Key features of the Contact Center Software are listed hereunder:

  • Management of

    • DID numbers

    • Different extensions

    • Different campaigns

    • Different Leads

    • User Data in CRM

  • Customizable call routing rules

  • Customizable call forwarding rules

  • Progressive and Manual dialer

  • N-level Interactive Voice Response Menu

  • Different web clients

  • Voicemail

  • Barge in

  • Coaching

  • Whispering

  • Skill assignment to agents

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Real-time call view

  • Detailed call logs

  • Different types of reports

  • And more

The focus of the developed contact center was to create an all in one solution to serve any type and any sized call centers. The company has announced that the added features will aid different call centers of different countries.

The more details of the all in one contact center solution are accessible on this webpage:

To discuss your requirements or schedule a free demo, drop an email at

Ecosmob Added Advanced Features in Contact Center Software

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