Web-based Call Center Software To Enrich Business Benefits

Each business needs to provide the outstanding services to their clients. The company needs to assure that the queries and concerns of the client get addressed in real-time. It is registered that the consumers get frustrated with the long hold time or if they get landed on a voicemail repeatedly. In such case, the company should have the resources and a reliable tool to hear the consumer complaints or confusions, and guide them to the satisfactory solution. The call center software is one of the best solutions to achieve this goal.

The company also needs to ensure that the staff of the customer support center gets healthy working environment and enough tools to assist in their work. It is very much important to strengthen your staff with the advanced solutions so they can perform at their best and improves the productivity of the company. The web-based call center solution has many characteristics, which aid the customer support department of the company.

Ecosmob Technologies has developed a ready to use call center software. The software caters both entities of the business, namely, customer support department and the clients. It has many features which enriches the many benefits for the business. The software is developed in FreeSWITCH. Thus, the solution is bundled with all the advanced and robust features of the stated technology.

One may buy the number of channels based on the requirement. For example, if you have a small call center, you may opt for a few number of channels based on the total agents, you have in your call center, i.e., 50. The call center solution can handle thousands of concurrent calls. Thus, it is a perfect fit for the call center with a heavy inflow of consumer calls.

It has all the basic to advanced features any call center required, including:

  • ACD

  • Call routing

  • Predictive Dialling

  • Manual and Predictive Dialing

  • Outbound and inbound Calling queues

  • Skill based routing

  • Remote Agent Support

  • Real time reports

  • And more

The company offers a free demo to the prospects to experience the solution personally and then take the decision. To schedule your free demo, drop an email at sales@ecosmob.com

Web-based Call Center Software To Enrich Business Benefits

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