FreeSWITCH Solutions Help Intensify Real-Time Communication From Remote Places

Talking about businesses, the VoIP services were basically seen as a transposition for traditional phone services, where users used to make international calls routed over the internet utilizing the service of an internet service provider. However, if we talk about existing scenario, many telecom industries prefer to go with VoIP solutions and services so that they can cherish audio, video, data and wireless communication by availing various packages.

FreeSWITCH is an open source communication system, primarily designed for the creation of voice and messaging products. Today, corporate users are motivated by an idea of widening their spheres of expertise depending on the business solutions in VoIP to boost their productivity occasionally. Below are solutions developed in freeswitch, which can be helpful to many sectors.


IPPBX solution comes with a wide array of services and features! With IPPBX it is possible to overcome large budget outflows over phone bills.


Currently, many organizations are moving towards real-time communications so as to save time and money. By availing conferencing solution, enterprises can communicate from remote places within no time, be it a workplace, home or any! Conference calls can be placed inside and outside the organizations with just a few clicks! Web, audio and video conference can be held from every nook and corner of the world.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

IVR is an automated telephone system which is affordable. This solution has already set its mark in the sectors like banking, media and other. In IVR, features can be added according to the needs of enterprises. With the help of this solution, after-office hours and on weekends voice calls/messages can be attended and suitably answered to!

Fax Server:

It is said to be a fax system as well! By using this fax server, users can save their precious time, space and money. Business fax servers can automatically send invoices and purchase orders to suppliers and consumers. Received faxes can be automatically saved as files on the server, and retrieved later by users.

Session Border Controller (SBC):

It is indeed an ideal solution to address all VoIP issues coming from the VoIP arena. SBC is segmented into two solutions 1) Signaling SBC solution that is used for controlling the VoIP signaling. 2) Media SBC, which is used for controlling the media packets. It supports a huge number of sessions and offers an access to many of users in a single session.

Thus, staff, clients, consumers, suppliers etc can have on-the-go communication in a real-time manner. Such solutions not only build business relationships strong but also make your esteemed clients contended.

We offer custom solution development services in affordable rates. To discuss your requirements, drop an email to our marketing manager, Ashvini Vyas,

FreeSWITCH Solutions Help Intensify Real-Time Communication From Remote Places

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