An Open source API Definition- Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC)

WebRTC is an open source API, which is prepared by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to support browser-to-browser applications such as, voice calling, video chat, file sharing without using any internal or external plugins.

In essence, it is the fusion of two separate branches in technology: VoIP and the web. VoIP, short for Voice over IP, is a set of technologies and techniques that enable sending media (usually voice and video) over an internet connection, until the introduction of WebRTC. WebRTC comes to connect VoIP into our browsers, and by that, into websites and mobile apps. The ideal form of WebRTC describes such web based Real Time Communication independent of Browser being used by user. It’s a Javascript based API originally been developed to create browser to browser communication applications for Voice, Video and Peer to Peer File Sharing tasks.

This means that now every web developer can add real time communication capabilities to his/her website or web application. The Evolution of Software Development made it possible to formulate almost desktop based application to web based application. As an open source project, WebRTC is quite a powerful piece of code that anyone can adopt and use in anyway. There are different credentials and key to make it usable in both Firefox as well as in Chrome.

Some of the benefits of using this open source API is as follows :

– There is no need to use any internal or external plugins, so it is easily usable.

– Cost effective.

– It saves the cost of calls.

– WebRTC forces to use encrypted data for both media and signals. Thereby, WebRTC provides a higher security level than most currently available commercial telephony systems.

– It enhances the quality of Communication between two parties with video and messaging without the need for special applications and servers.

– It keeps the customers on the web page and at the same time start a voice and video call with customer so the communication can not be interrupted.

– End users would be able to access the SIP based hosted PBX and call centers without the need to change these services.

WebRTC is having some of the functionality which makes it tough to be used by every organization to develop browser-to-browser application. Ecosmob Technologies has make it easy, more engaging and accessible by developing the webRTC client solution.

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An Open source API Definition- Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC)

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