CosmoConf, Multi-Tenant Voice Conferencing Software Fueling the Communication and Collaboration

Conferencing software offers many benefits to different enterprises. It has paved its way into different industries and benefited them. Ecosmob Technologies has developed a multi-tenant conferencing solution to cater the communication and collaboration requirements of their clients and prospects. The software is named as CosmoConf.

The CosmoConf provides a platform to communicate remotely in a real-time manner. It has made many businesses capable of conducting conferences with mass audiences. The CosmoConf has made the organizations enable to conduct different communication action on finger tips. Using the CosmoConf, end users may leverage below listed benefits:

  • Reach anyone from any nook and corner of the universe, at any required time

  • Supervise the team remotely

  • Have better work experience

  • Balance the personal and professional life

The enterprise can leverage following advantages:

  • Make business more proficient

  • Reduce touring cost

  • Train the teams

  • Provide platform to work on single project collectively from different locations

  • Provide rapid support to customers

  • Nurture client relationship

  • Improve productivity

  • Keep different remote branches connected

  • Offer secure communication

The conferencing software developed by Ecosmob Technologies can be used to provide the hosted conferencing services to the tenants. It has given a business opportunity to many communication services providers. The CosoConf is developed using the advanced technologies, namely, FreeSWITCH and WebRTC. The FreeSWITCH has made it solid to support thousands of concurrent calls, to conduct a huge conference with the HD quality. The WebRTC makes remote usage more easy. The company using it will not need to add any extra hardware, software, addons or plugins to make it work. This decreases the maintenance cost significantly.

The conferencing software assures the improvement in

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Client satisfaction

  • Productivity

  • ROI

The CosmoConf, conferencing solution is armed with the advanced features. To get more details and a free demo, drop an email at

CosmoConf, Multi-Tenant Voice Conferencing Software Fueling the Communication and Collaboration

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