Multi Tenant PBX Software For Augmented Business Communication

Technology has paved its way in each industry. The businesses are taking advantage of the technological innovations. These technological innovations, not only provide the smart way to do tedious routine operations, but also decrease the cost at considerable extent. Moreover, these inventions also provide extra capabilities to the organization so it can thrive success in all directions.

The PBX software is one of the most adaptive technological innovations. It has allured many industries due to its advanced communication and collaboration features. The PBX solution has so many value added benefits for any organization, which not only strengthen the communication, but also gives added potential to serve the other business areas.

CosmoPBX is a multi tenant PBX software, which has been admired by its users for its next generation features and tidy interface. It is working on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology by keeping the benefits of VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology in mind. Still, it can work efficaciously using PRI and GSM gateways. It means based on your preference and telecommunication regulations of the country, you may choose any communication channel from VoIP, GSM or PRI.

The CosmoPBX is developed using the most appreciated open source technology, FreeSWITCH. It can handle any number of concurrent calls. It is also very easy to increase or decrease the number of lines. It also supports the multilingual feature. Thus, the company can use it in their regional language. Ecosmob Technologies also provide the customization services in this PBX product, to ensure the customers get the exact IP PBX, they are looking for.

Hence, CosmoPBX is a multi-tenant software, it can be used to connect the remote branches of the company. With its value added features, it serves many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • It provides web-based interface, which can be accessible from anywhere.

  • Never miss any call with its advanced call forwarding features

  • Configure communication rules with editable settings

  • Answer your callers quickly with n-level IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

  • Conduct conferences as and when required

  • Reduce operational and maintenance cost by removing traditional hardware and other equipment

  • Collaborate with remote branches to fasten the communication

  • And more

CosmoPBX is a Hosted IP PBX software furnished with all the advanced features, one may need for effective communication. The complete feature list is accessible at the official webpage of the CosmoPBX:

To request a free demo/quote, drop an email at

Multi Tenant PBX Software For Augmented Business Communication

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