How Hosted VoIP Solution Can Benefit from a Hosted IPPBX Solution?

The business benefit of a hosted IP PBX can be substantial. Employees can work from a remote area away from the office while their calls are still connected to the same office system, regardless of whether they’re on their mobile phone or home phone, by dialing into the hosted PBX. Callers can be placed on hold with music, calls can be transferred, and conference calls can be setup through a hosted PBX.

Existing System

Hosted PBXs can either work with an existing phone system or replace it entirely. They can be used in conjunction with landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP service and phones. Businesses can get local virtual numbers on a hosted PBX so their customers will recognize them as having a local presence even though the caller may not be in the office. Hosted PBXs can enhance a small business’ credibility by having a professional phone system that’s easy to navigate and connects callers to the proper person or department without the hassle of being transferred multiple times.

Cost Savings

Cost saving is always one of the first things managers look at when researching any new product for their business. Hosted PBXs answer this through small upfront costs and ongoing savings. Hosted PBXs provide a long-term cost savings over traditional PBXs through the hassle-free maintenance and configuration they require. IT staff members won’t have to spend as much time getting a hosted PBX configured and deployed as they do a physical PBX because the provider will take care of it.

Web Interfaces

Web interfaces on a hosted PBX provide a user-friendly way to monitor, edit, and manage changes to the service without any special skills. Providers usually offer simple easy-to-use training designed for anyone, not just telephony experts. This is important, because all employees will need to know how they can switch from their office presence to a remote presence through connecting to the hosted PBX.

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How Hosted VoIP Solution Can Benefit from a Hosted IPPBX Solution?

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