FreeSWITCH Development To Develop Bespoke VoIP Solutions

FreeSWITCH is an open source technology, which is most widely used by the VoIP developers to develop different kinds of VoIP software. The FreeSWITCH is developed by the former Asterisk developers who were thoroughly impressed by the modular design of the Apache web server. The most important property of FreeSWITCH is that it provides a reliable and robust platform to develop stable, portable, durable and advanced solutions, which can perform equally well in different types of platform.

The FreeSWITCH is broken into various modules to make the development smooth for the developers. The modules are listed below:

  • ASR/ TTS

  • Events

  • Event Handler

  • Dialplan

  • Directory

  • Endpoints

  • Loggers

  • Timers

  • Languages

  • Applications

  • XML

  • Say


The VoIP developers who are using the Freeswitch to develop VoIP solutions may use these modules to create a unique business specific application or a complete software to aid the communication of the organization. Ecosmob Technologies is one of the known VoIP software development company from India, which provides custom services in FreeSWITCH. The custom services include,

  • Custom Software, application, module development

  • Customization in existing software, application, module, system

  • Support services

The company has years of experience in FreeSWITCH, which is gathered by working on a wide range of projects. The list includes simple module development to complex FreeSWITCH based system development and deployment. The latest FreeSWITCH based software of the company are:

  • Multi tenant conferencing solution

  • Contact center software

  • Multi tenant PBX solution

The company offers the requirement based development and customization services in FreeSWITCH with highly client-centric and transparent working model.

To discuss your requirements or to get more details, contact:

FreeSWITCH Development To Develop Bespoke VoIP Solutions

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