Conferencing Solution for Manufacturing Industries

Conferencing solutions are the panacea that increases the productivity of the businesses by collaborating with several other team members involved. It involves audio, video and web conferencing solutions that help to reach the market in more effective and long lasting manner. It affects the Manufacturing industries that create 75% of our today’s world trade.

It promotes outsourcing/insourcing trends in fluid business processes in more constructive manner. It pushed the notion of growing the businesses across the geographical boundaries and streamlined the manufacturing processes.

Conferencing solutions played a key role in 4 sectors namely:

It enables ad hoc communication with the engineers anywhere in the world. Initiate face to face communication during the early stages of the product designing. Also, the conferencing solutions reduce the cost that increases due to further development of the new product because of glitches in the development cycle.

  • Quality control

Via video conferencing solutions we can share best practices between the different manufacturing plants which spread the lean manufacturing processes.

It also generates business process development through a variety of techniques. It helps in collaboration of the ideas, that can further improve the quality and improves the available solutions.

  • Equipment demonstration and plant tours

Conferencing solutions support the key process of sales for the complex products and machinery. It Increases the number of the customer demos. Which further enhance the customer familiarity and comfort with certain products. With the help of video conferencing solutions, we can record plant tours and demos to certain products that could be reviewed timely.

  • Equipment maintenance and repair

Conferencing solutions also help in troubleshooting the equipment remotely, providing easy assistance. It brings the equipment repair experts onsite over video, which further reduces the equipment downtime and in turn improves sales and services. Also, you can save those online solution videos for the further support.

This way the conferencing solutions accelerate the decision-making process helps in scaling the knowledge, brings the team members together and unifies several organizations. Additionally, it gives you the liberty to work from anywhere and helps you in maintaining the work-life balance.

Conferencing Solution for Manufacturing Industries

How IVR Helps Logistics Industry Maintain Better CRM and Reduce Costs

Competition in logistics is intense and customer satisfaction is a key factor to ensure loyalty and continuing business. In this context a company needs to maintain a contact centre for customer services. However, costs must also be kept in perspective. Manpower is expensive and this is where interactive voice response solutions or IVR solution for logistics industry is well worth the investment. Logistics and supply chain dynamics keep evolving and these days there is a need for fast and satisfactory response as well as transparency in order placement and delivery with timely updates at all points in between. IVR solutions are the cost effective answer

The right IVR software sourced from a competent vendor and customized according to the business model can go beyond simple supply. It can, for instance, include and intelligent auto attendant that helps various departments connect with each other by simply speaking the name of the person. Retail, especially online, is intimately connected with efficient logistics and here too a custom IVR solution helps vendors located in various locations to report inventory and sales. Once orders are shipped the IVR software can place calls to customers to keep them informed and track the package.

One of the greatest benefits of having an inbound IVR solution is that it reduces the number of people needed to handle calls from customers. The first point of contact is the IVR that offers callers various options and then intelligently routes the call to a customer service representative who is informed and competent enough to resolve the specific issue. This helps in delivering greater customer satisfaction and in making efficient use of manpower in logistics customer service support sections. Logistics also need outbound custom IVR solution that delivers useful information to specific customers or send reminders or initiate promotional campaigns. One can make use of predictive and auto-dialer options that IVR software developers can incorporate in the solution in addition to list management and integrate it all with CRM. The result is extreme satisfaction for customers who need precise answers to precise questions.

Success of the IVR solution for logistics depends on how well customized it is to the operational model of a specific segment. The software must be easy to use with a simple menu and call transfer with least wait times in addition to other backend features like voice recording and integration. It also needs to be HIPAA and PCI compliant from security perspectives. Selecting as the vendor guarantees a seamless experience, reduced costs and enhanced customer relationships.

How IVR Helps Logistics Industry Maintain Better CRM and Reduce Costs

White Label Dialer Application For VoIP Calling Service Providers

Carriers are now switching over to 4G LTE that fuels the use of mobile phones for VoIP calls. The SIP based VoIP mobile dialer may even replace traditional dialers included with smart phones. The more features such mobile dialers have, the better it is from branding and customer retention perspectives. Carriers benefit by white label dialer applications developed by experts in this area. It is not just carriers, even VoIP resellers and service providers can benefit by the unique branding option available in white label dialer application development services.

Voip Mobile Dialer
Voip Mobile Dialer

Users of smart phones are familiar with traditional mobile dialers and the VoIP mobile dialer custom developed for carriers mimics it in appearance but goes beyond in functionality. It is easy for them to replace the existing dialer with the VoIP mobile dialer application that can be made available for Android, Blackberry, Windows phone and iOS platforms through the app stores and enjoy a host of features. Carriers can choose to have included in the dialer any number of features or limit them according to their objective. The app can include a host of features such as address book, voice call, video call, statistics, timer, instant messaging, file and image sharing, call hold, retrieve, transfer and forward and redial to name only a few that a competent white label dialer application developer can come up with.

Why choose custom development for VoIP mobile dialer? One of the main benefits of white label dialer application development is complete freedom to have the application customized to the carrier needs. The other is that it offers an opportunity for branding and ensuring brand loyalty. The developer can customize colors, looks, feel and features in the product to suit the company’s existing brand theme besides incorporating security and even make it VoLTE ready.

Choosing a company like Ecosmob for white label mobile dialers is that they have the experience in customizing development and expertise in class 4 and class 5 softswitch implementations. A custom logo and theme are created in a transparent working model. Importantly, there is the assurance of support from start to finish and beyond in white label application development. What carriers like is that they have full ownership of code.

The result of choosing a custom developer is lower cost, facility to modify or upgrade the dialer at any time as new technologies emerge or new business methods are implemented and an enhanced customer experience.

White Label Dialer Application For VoIP Calling Service Providers

Custom LG WebOS App Development for LG WebOS Smart Signage Platform

Digital signage was a giant leap in the world of signage. Active signages employing large screen LED or LCDs made passive hoardings and billboards obsolete. Standard digital signages may have a facility for an inbuilt media player or allow content to be relayed through wi-fi, connected lines or the internet. In this scenario the LG WebOS smart signage platform is a paradigm shift. It is an integrated hardware-software solution based on the WebOS smart TV platform using a system on a chip, thereby doing away with media players and other hardware. The SoC allows downloads of content and development of customized applications for specific purposes. It is easy to update using a tablet or smartphone with wi-fi connectivity. There are additional facilities like cloud based solutions, mobile accessibility, multi-touch solutions and screen controls. In fact the sophisticated system allows for custom development on the WebOS platform. From simple apps like video on demand to managing complex integrations, permissions and scheduling, anything is possible with LG webOS app development.

There are already several vendors offering standard LG webos apps with sophisticated or simple features according to needs of users. Such off the rack solutions may not suit users who have specific end applications in mind. This is where engaging an expert LG webOS developer like Ecosmob could give enhanced performance, ease of user and value for money. Specialists in development of LG webOS apps can include or exclude certain features and deliver apps that are compact in code and easy to use. With their expertise in LG webOS app development, Ecosmob offer extreme customization. For instance, it is possible to design a browser interface to schedule media playback as well as deliver live ticker and make use of live HDMI inputs. Each user’s requirement varies like, for instance, a museum’s needs vary from that of a retail store or an enterprise. Understanding of LG webOS and expertise in development of full-scale enterprise LG WebOS solutions leads to integrating software with hardware in a superbly seamless way. Specialists in LG WebOS app development make full use of its features like content support and scheduling, playback from dynamic sources, smart downloads, content creation, creating user groups and remote player management.

There is no disputing the fact that live digital signages have a tremendous impact and LG WebOS signage takes it to the next level. Retail stores, restaurants, internal communications in corporate environments, hospitality, education, healthcare, stadium, stock traders, automotive industry and sports benefit by the advanced features of this latest in digital signage. Each segment has a different needs and Ecosmob LG WebOS development addresses all of them, delivering value in the process.

Custom LG WebOS App Development for LG WebOS Smart Signage Platform

Custom Android Application Development For Sports Betting Apps

Betting on sports is a multi-billion dollar industry. Betting, like any other activity is now digital and the Internet allows international betting on a variety of sporting activities anywhere in the world. All one needs is a smartphone and Internet connection to place a bet on any sporting event and probably win a large sum. Just as bettors expect to make a windfall, betting companies can reach out and rope in more betters by deploying android betting apps.

According to an ESPN report more tech companies will plunge into the world of betting services and compete directly against established book makers and it is likely that sports betting exchanges could become a reality. Robots could be deployed in high stake sports betting. Betting on sports is legal in Europe while the law in the US is under review. Should it become legal, it will open the floodgates to a lot of companies that can profit in this segment by offering app based betting facilities. Online is where the action will be and smartphones will be the interface.

Betting apps on the android platform can be relatively simple such as a win or lose situation. More sophistication can be introduced by offering variables such as a spread or handicap and handicaps for the favored team. Android development services can offer sports betting apps that are customized for the betting operator as regards these features and more. Android application development by experts also include security since this is a vital feature as betters are usually required to pay up front while placing bets online. The app can offer spread betting, a popular method among punters, especially in basketball games betting. Then there can be other features of betting common in sports such as over and under bets as well as total bets, proposition bets and parlays or multiple bets. The betting company can offer teasers that allow bettors to place small bets and still get good payouts should they win. A bookmaker has to keep track of thousands of wagers for and against in each game and he may have to handle many concurrent games. If at all he offers a to punters it should not only have the basic features but also more complex system for advanced punters while keeping track of legalities as well as security and protection. Ecosmob, a specialist in android app development, offers custom android development services for sports betting apps, the big wave of the future, and a money spinner for the bookmaker.

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Custom Android Application Development For Sports Betting Apps

Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitches Indispensable for VoIP Wholesale and Retail Business Service Providers

VoIP wholesale and retail businesses must consider a number of parameters in order to deliver satisfactory services at the best cost and yet make a profit. There are considerations such as server colocation for hosted services, bandwidth optimization based on implementation of the right codec, termination and, lastly, softswitches.

Those who are engaged in retail VoIP businesses need VoIP softswitches and many may think that a class 5 softswitch is adequate. It is not. This class of softswitch connects phones and devices and routes calls to the IP/ DID/SIP address and it can be used for local and long distance calls. VoIP service providers may be satisfied with it since it has IP PBX features, auto attendant, call forwarding, call transfer and video conferencing support among others that end users usually want. End users can access VoIP using their mobile devices or use standard telephones through PINless or calling card service. If this class 5 softswitch does fulfill most of the functions why bother with class 4 softswitch at all is the question. For VoIP services, if they wish to remain at a retail and local level, it is fine but if they wish to grow and expand it is necessary to consider the other option as well.


Class 4 softswitch relays VoIP traffic over multiple IP networks across international borders. If a VoIP service provider wishes to serve corporate clients then he will have to offer cheapest rate international calling facility. Class 4 features seamless conversion and transcoding with support for a range of protocols while allowing a larger number of concurrent calls and intelligent call routing over the least congested or least cost route. What corporate users will like is that it has in-built security features as well as information about traffic volume and unauthorized calls. What VoIP service providers will appreciate is that class 4 softswitch has automated call monitoring, statistics, billing and data record facility. It is precise and accurate and saves a lot of time and labor, especially when they have hundreds of clients. An international business with branches in several countries will find it just as useful to have this type of Voip softswitch in their IT environment.


Not all class 4 softswitch solutions are equal. For instance, offers superior solutions and implementations that result in increased productivity, reduced cost, enhanced communication and scalability with modular features and multi-level safety mechanisms. Rich set of features underlies a friendly user interface. Customization is another reason why VoIP services are increasingly turning to Ecosmob to tailor make a softswitch solution that takes care of all their present needs with inbuilt facility for expansion, reduces cost and enhances their reputation with their clients. Even international business enterprises find Ecosmob softswitch solutions the right fit for their business models.

Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitches Indispensable for VoIP Wholesale and Retail Business Service Providers

Mobile VoIP Dialer Usage is Increasing and With Good Reasons

Executives need not work only from offices in order to interact with clients. These days there is more latitude in the way they can function. Mobile devices make it possible for them to work even when they are on the go. However, using standard mobile telephone connection could entail higher expenses that can be avoided by the use of Mobile VoIP dialer installed in their phone. It helps them to stay connected with their office and also with clients but at a much lower cost. Mobile VoIP dialers make use of the internet connection to make/receive calls and also incorporate messaging functionality.


One advantage of a mobile dialer installed in the smartphone of an employee is that it gives freedom of operation. The executive is no longer tied to the company’s IP PBX system. He can operate from anywhere at any time and interact with customers to deliver a better experience. Companies can engage employees to work remotely and achieve the same objective that they would if they had in-house staff.

Mobile telephone is expensive and cost mounts if an individual has to call a large number of people or send messages. Routing all such calls through a VoIP mobile dialer installed in the mobile device achieves the same function but at a fraction of the cost. Users can make local, national or international calls without restrictions. All that is required is an internet connection. Even a nearby wi-fi hotspot zone is sufficient for a user to carry out any operation through the dialer. Free wi-fi hotspots are now widely available in restaurants, cafes, airports and railway stations.

Voice mail
Cellular phone services may charge extra for value added features like voice mail. VoIP has no such restrictions especially when one uses a full-featured dialer obtained from a vendor like, designed with corporate and business users in mind for Android, iOS and Windows mobile operating systems.

Other features similar to IP-PBX
It is desirable to have features that has in a networked IP PBX system such as voice recording, call forwarding, call rejection and multimedia SMS, all of which can be activated from a single interface with just a few taps. In fact some features go beyond such as the facility to initiate group chats and video chats.

Businesses commonly issue cell phones to employees who are traveling and equipping such devices with mobile dialers from enhances productivity. It is not surprising that companies are quick to take advantage of these cost-effective solutions.

Mobile VoIP Dialer Usage is Increasing and With Good Reasons